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As the owner of a towing, recovery, or roadside assistance business, you have your hands full! Our towing software is designed to provide you with business tools for every step of a vehicle’s lifecycle with efficiency in mind. That means saving time across your entire team, protecting your business, and maximizing profitability, which are the key ingredients for future growth.

Towing Management

Effectively manage your day-to-day towing and roadside assistance operations with a digital solution to streamline your processes and grow your business.

Across our customers, our towing management software processes more than 50,000 jobs daily. There are nearly two dozen customers who have completed more than 1,000,000 jobs with TRAXERO software. Our software handles the heavy lifting…we know your business depends on it.

With built-in reporting modules offering hundreds of reports, you can uncover and track the metrics that mean the most to the success of your business.

From the dispatcher taking the call to the operator completing the job on scene, your team is empowered with digital tools designed to improve their efficiency. That means fewer mistakes, less time to complete jobs, and more earning potential.

Auction Management

Take complete control of your impounded, abandoned, or unclaimed vehicle auctions built to increase your lot’s efficiency and profitability.

People milling around your lot is a recipe for disaster, and any on-site incidents open you up to costly liability. Hosting your vehicle auctions online instead eliminates the need for people physically on your property, further safeguarding your bottom line.

In-person auctions require a full crew to execute, and that’s a lot of payroll for just one day. With your online auction, a single person can manage the entire event, depending upon the size.

It’s simple economics: the more people who can bid, the greater the demand, and the higher the sales price. Cast a wider net with online auctions, eliminating the restrictions of physical travel or effects of poor weather that can sink an in-person auction.

Through the years, TRAXERO has played a part in our growth and overall success as a company. They give us effective and efficient tools for us to serve our customers. Also, the reporting and management tools help give us insight that we might not see otherwise. All of the pieces together form a toolbox for us that improves our business and helps us do what we do best.

Brad McIntosh • Sandy's Towing and Recovery

Lien Search & Notification

Save time searching, collecting, and sending notification letters that meet all of your regulatory requirements to clear vehicles from your lot faster than ever.

Before using TowLien, we’ve found many customers wasting money by running multiple searches or sending duplicate letters erroneously. TowLien’s digital process ensures you know the status of each vehicle, reducing costs and pain points along the way.

Your team can skip the post office from here on out. Process your vehicles in TowLien and it will automatically mail your notification letters to the interested parties to ensure you’re following required protocols.

Your TowLien dashboard shows you upcoming tasks or actions required to keep your vehicle process moving as efficiently as possible. Minimize the time a vehicle is on your lot to maximize your return from its sale.

Fleet Tracking & Dashcams

Hardware and integrated software to provide real-time vehicle and driver data across your fleet to dispatch the best asset for every job while also proactively protecting your business.

With GPS fleet tracking, you’ll know where your assets and operators are at all times. Add in dashcams to record video evidence from the road, which can protect your operators and business from erroneous accident or damage claims.

With integrated fleet tracking in your towing management system, your dispatcher will know where your operators are and allow them to dispatch the most appropriate truck based on capacity, proximity, and service type.

The roads can be the wild west. GPS trackers and dashcams can shield your operators from false claims since you have the proof to back them up. And vehicle history reports can ensure your operators are driving responsibly and maintaining your reputation when you’re not watching.

Credit Card Processing

Accept credit card payments faster, easier, and more securely with an embedded payment processor specifically built for the towing and roadside industry.

When our team performs a rate review of current processing fees vs. TowPay, we find 9/10 organizations will save money by switching to TowPay! There’s no easier way to reduce your overhead while also improving your team’s efficiency.

There’s nothing worse than a bloated accounts receivable report. Stop chasing payments and allow your team to easily and securely obtain payment at the time of service. Your bank account —and finance team— will thank you.

With mobile card readers, your operators can take card-present payments on the road instead of writing down credit card numbers or calling back to the office. Reduce risk for yourself, your operator, and your customers alike.

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