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Operators like you are the workhorses of the industry. You solve complex problems on-the-fly, relying on instinct and experience to complete the job at hand. With TRAXERO towing software aiding every step of your work, there’s less distraction and you can focus on safely doing your job faster than ever before.

Towing Management

Effectively manage your day-to-day towing and roadside assistance operations with a digital solution to streamline your processes and grow your business. *Exact features vary by product

Vehicle photo recognition allows you to snap a picture of a vehicle with your phone, capturing its license plate, to automatically populate the vehicle’s information including its VIN.

Clipboards and crumpled papers around your truck leave you with more work. Our mobile applications ensure everything you need to complete the job you’ve been assigned is in the palm of your hand.

Digital tools unlock efficiency and eliminate the disorganization of papers. All that means when you’re on the scene, you can focus on safely completing your job, minimizing your time on the side of the busy roadways.

Fleet Tracking & Dashcams

Hardware and integrated software to provide real-time vehicle and driver data across your fleet to dispatch the best asset for every job while also proactively protecting your business.

Things happen on the road. With dashcams and GPS tracking, you have evidence to backup your story. Prove true responsibility when incidents occur or fight back against false damage claims.

It may sound scary, but we promise, it’s a big benefit for you! Your dispatcher can see your exact location and be able to assign you jobs nearest you, allowing you to more efficiently complete jobs and earn your pay.

We’ve heard stories of stolen rotators being found and recovered 1,000 miles away from its shop. GPS trackers make it even easier to locate stolen assets, which can remove the burden of responsibility from you if something goes missing under your watch.

Credit Card Processing

Accept credit card payments faster, easier, and more securely with an embedded payment processor specifically built for the towing and roadside industry.

With a mobile card reader, you can take card-present transactions for your service right from the road instead of having to call in credit card numbers to your office, improving security for you and your customers.

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