Impound Auction Management

Selling Wrecked And Abandoned Cars Is Easy With Auction Simplified From TRAXERO

A better way to sell online

Our easy-to-use impound auction software is built to help towers like you save time and maximize profits when selling abandoned and wholesale vehicles.


Increase efficiency and reach with online buyers through our robust selling and buying features.

More Demand, Buyers, and Profits

Let our Account Manager and Buyer Development teams help you simplify the auction process and promote your inventory to more buyers.


Our team is ready to show you the power of our Auction Software.

Better Control Of Your Auction

Run your auctions how YOU want them done. Our software supports any type of auction including online-only, live with simulcast, and traditional live auctions.


You are also in control of how the fees are set up and only pay when a car is sold.

Top Tier Support and Integration

Our experienced team will be there for you every step of the way to make sure your auctions go off without a hitch. (Pun intended!)


Plus, reporting is already connected with our TMS solution, giving you better visibility and time savings when reconciling transactions.

Top Benefits of Auction Management

There is a great opportunity for higher revenue growth with the seamless auction integration.

High Sale Rates

Tow auction partners average sale rate is 92%! That means less bidder fatigue and more successful auctions for you.

Only Pay When You Sell

No sale - no fees. You will never pay for a car that does not sell.

Manage on-the-go

Our software design is responsive so you can log in from your computer, phone, or tablet.

Total Control

You control the type of auction, when it runs, and the fees that are charged to buyers.

Want to see the system in action?