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Take Control Of Your Impounded,
Abandoned, or Unclaimed Vehicle Auctions

Built for towers like you, Auction Simplified by TRAXERO is an easy-to-use vehicle auction platform that allows you to take full control of your auctions to increase your lot’s efficiency and profitability.


Number of Vehicles Sold at Auction


Number Auctions Hosted

*All data from 2023


Average Increase in Price Per Vehicle Sold

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Host online-only, live with simulcast, or traditional live auctions with Auction Simplified by TRAXERO to maximize your profit from those impounded, abandoned, or unclaimed vehicles on your lot.


With our vehicle auction platform, you control the entire process: choose your auction type, set reserve prices, designate the buyer fees, and even manage who can participate to keep your event secure.


Towing companies can also extend the power of our vehicle auction platform by integrating with our towing management and lien processing software for a complete suite of business tools designed for the roadside industry.

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Find Out How You Can…

Take Control Of Your Auction

You determine the type of auction, when it runs, and the fees charged to your buyers.

Increase Your Vehicle Sales Rate

On average, towing partners running auctions on our software sell 92% of their run list per auction.

Load A Vehicle In Minutes

Scan the VIN, add your photos and video, and build a vehicle condition report in less than 5 minutes per vehicle.

Allow Proxy Bidders To Increase Sales Prices

Bidders can manually bid or set a proxy bid and let the auction software bid on their behalf when the live auction begins.

Streamline Your Lien Processing

Integrate your auction software with our Lien Processing and Notification software, TowLien, to notify lienholders, obtain title, and seamlessly move vehicles to your auction inventory.

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That’s How We Like It.

From loading vehicles into your auction or taking advantage of integrations with towing management software to running your event and clearing your inventory, we’ve made our auction software intuitive and even mobile-friendly.

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Dedicated Customer Success Manager hosting a quarterly business review

Support From Real Humans — Not A Bot.

You won’t be stuck trying to resolve an issue through a robot when you need a real person. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager and our support teams are here to help you when you need it most.


And that’ll save you time and money.

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You’re In The Driver’s Seat.

Our auction solution was built to give you complete control over your auctions. You determine how and when to host your auctions, who can participate, and even the buyer’s fee amounts.


It’s your business…why wouldn’t you want to control how you operate?

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Serious Buyers Only.

Bidders interested in your auction must complete registration and be approved by you before they’re able to participate. During auctions, you’ll see who is bidding and their bid amounts in real-time.


Keep your auctions secure and know your buyers are the real deal.

Location and Auction Summary report in Auction Simplified by TRAXERO

Unlock Your Insights.

With in-depth, customizable reporting, you can ditch the mess of physical records. Take a look at detailed buyer reports, auction lane summaries, and transaction reports…just to name a few.


Find the metrics that matter most to you and the success of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What integrations are available for your auction software?

One of the primary benefits of TRAXERO is our ability to integrate our products, which provides a comprehensive suite of business solutions designed for the towing industry.


Connect your Towing Management Software to seamlessly move inventory to your auction, integrate with TowLien, our lien notification and processing solution to obtain title to vehicles prior to auction, and take credit card payments using TowPay, our purpose-built payment solution.

What training will my employees and I receive to learn this platform?

Your Dedicated Customer Success Manager assigned to you will set a training timeline that usually takes a few Zoom calls and hands-on homework. We try to work around your schedule by breaking the training down into smaller chunks, allowing you time in between to practice and learn on your own.


Here is a typical timeline to launch your first auction on Day 30:

Day 1: Zoom Demo of Auction Simplified by TRAXERO
Day 7: Virtual Training and Access to Software
Days 10-14: Training and Mock Auction
Day 14-21: Load Inventory, Start Promotion and Buyer Development
Day 21-29: Inventory Posted Online

Will I earn more through an auction instead of scrapping?

It’s simple math, by adding additional scrappers and pick-n-pulls to bid on your scrap list, you will see incremental improvements. 


For example, if three scrappers each bid $25 above the previous bidder, you would earn $75 more on average. If a bidding war ensues on a special part unit, the bids could reach hundreds, if not thousands.

Is there a real human available for customer support when questions arise?

Our Customer Support and Customer Success teams are what set TRAXERO apart from the rest. As an Auction Simplified user, you’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you organize your auctions, troubleshoot issues, or answer questions you have at any time!

What is the average sales price of vehicles sold by towers through your platform?

While performance will vary based on your inventory and buyer base, our towers who hosted auctions in 2023 earned an average of $973 per vehicle sold.

How do buyers at my auction pay for vehicles?

You can integrate your auction software with our credit card processing solution, TowPay, to accept credit card payments on-site or through the platform.


Or you can also accept other forms of payment as you wish and manually record payments.

Does TRAXERO handle buyer development?

While you’ll have your dedicated Account Manager to help guide you through practices to help promote your auction, Auction Simplified users create the majority of their buyer base themselves.


As a result, you’ll keep more revenue from your auction and have more control and insight on how you host your events.

How much does it cost?

When you take control of your auctions, you keep more of what you earn! Our Product Specialists can help guide you through setting fee structures for your buyers that cover the costs associated with access to the auction platform.


Request your auction software demo today to get started and receive a personalized quote tailored to your business.

Hear It From Our Auction Software Users

As far as Auction Simplified, that has, once again, revolutionized how we’ve done things. ...we’re able to actually handle that volume in one shot, and clear our lot out a lot quicker, and easier…

Merl's Towing Service • Grand Rapids, MI

With Auction Simplified, we’re now live and online. We’d been wanting to shift to software for a while, but were unable to find a platform before TRAXERO that could handle our volume. Twenty-five percent of our business now comes from auctions!

Weil Wrecker Service • Birmingham, AL

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