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Managing your auctions can be tedious, with mountains of paperwork, a full crew to ensure it runs smoothly, and tons of preparation for a one-day event. Transitioning to online vehicle auctions simplifies the entire process, and, depending upon the size, your online auction can typically be managed by a single person!

Auction Management

Take complete control of your impounded, abandoned, or unclaimed vehicle auctions built to increase your lot’s efficiency and profitability.

Integrated with your company’s towing management software, your online auction platform can pull the details of your vehicles already available in your system. Save time with each vehicle you list for auction, and that pays dividends quickly.

In-person auctions can be severely impacted by the slightest rain. Hosting your vehicle online eliminates the threats from Mother Nature that can impact your bottom line.

If you are welcoming buyers to your lot, you’re opening your organization up to great liability should an incident occur. We’ve heard of dog bites, falls, and more…all incidents that can increase your insurance premiums

Online auctions reduce physical limitations that can affect your buyer base. Moving to a digital platform provides opportunity for more buyers to participate, which can increase demand and drive up final sales prices.

It's a great way to get rid of cars, and it's simplified. I think it's a great program, and it's actually really cost-effective for what you get out of it, with the background help, the software, and the domain. I really like it the way it is.

Josh Langerfeld • Auction Manager, Dean’s Towing

Lien Search & Notification

Save time searching, collecting, and sending notification letters that meet all of your regulatory requirements to clear vehicles from your lot faster than ever.

The vehicles are on your lot but you need to satisfy your state requirements before cashing in at auction. Perform your interested party searches and mail notification letters with a few simple clicks.

TowLien is another cog in your towing business tool wheel. Push vehicles from your company’s towing management software into TowLien to perform your search, and when complete, push the vehicles into your auction platform.

Process your vehicles in TowLien and it will automatically mail your notification letters to the interested parties to ensure you’re following required steps.

Once you’ve satisfied requirements, your packet, including the letters and proof of mailing, can be printed right in TowLien. Now you’re ready obtain title and auction the vehicle to maximize your return.

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