The TRAXERO Backstory

traxero; verb. Latin root meaning “to drag”


Only fitting for a company whose clients specialize in towing, or dragging, things behind them, right?


We are more than just a name. Here’s our story.

You hitch up tows.

We hitch up your business.

With the mindset that the industry can be better served by working together rather than operating in silos, our goal is simple:


Deliver an integrated platform that supports providers of all-types in running more profitable towing businesses.


So through the power of integration, we brought down the walls between multiple providers and became one as TRAXERO.


We are now the only software provider in the market today to provide the power to manage your entire towing business from one digital source.


Whether you specialize in motor clubs, police work, heavy duty, PPI and impounds, or roadside, or all of it, you shouldn’t have to choose your software based on the jobs you need.


That’s where Towing Revenue Optimization (TRO) comes in. And that is where we can help.

Our Mission


Every day we work to support towing company owners, managers, and your teams to increase efficiencies and make more money.


We do this in a few ways:


Our software solutions are built with you in mind. They are designed to be easy to navigate and we will always be clear about how they can improve your day-to-day business operations.

Being of Service

We are here for you at every stage of business from getting and managing jobs during year 0 to the expansion, monitoring and increasing profits of your expanding fleet, and the addition of revenue streams through monetizing your impound yard.


At each step along the way, our goal is to provide software options that will streamline operations and maximize payment collection and future growth.

Living our company values

The TRAXERO Team energy and clarity you see online is who you will talk to on the phone with support or sales, and who you will meet in person at events. We live our company values daily and bring them into all of our interactions because, well, they are who we are.

Company Values

Work Hard, Play Hard

We exhibit the same work ethic as our hard-working customers, while creating a culture and community that is both vibrant and fun.

Be Transparent

We are committed to developing trust with our constituents, and are transparent with our colleagues, our investors, and our customers.


We use creativity and resilience to develop innovative ways to solve the problems that others cannot.

Offer Forgiveness

We encourage our people to try new things, and support autonomy and transparency in all that we do.


We seek to create efficiency in our work and in our products.

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