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As a dispatcher, you need to remain organized, accurately communicate, and be able to multitask to effectively assign operators to jobs and work through your queue. Our towing software was built with your role in mind as you’re the liaison between customers and your operators.

Towing Management

Effectively manage your day-to-day towing and roadside assistance operations with a digital solution to streamline your processes and grow your business. *Exact features vary by product

You: “What’s your location?” Customer: “Uhhhhh…..”
Avoid that conversation by triggering a text link to your customer to pinpoint their exact location that you can assign to your operator.

How many times have you made an error trying to type in a VIN? Save time trying to decode that alphanumeric soup by using the state and license plate number instead to populate the VIN.

With autofill, VIN lookups, geolocation links, and more, your customers will be impressed with how easy it is to work with you. Your towing management software will record the customer and job details, and even store photos should your customer need your help with insurance claims.

Fleet Tracking & Dashcams

Hardware and integrated software to provide real-time vehicle and driver data across your fleet to dispatch the best asset for every job while also proactively protecting your business.

Assigning an operator to a call can be a puzzle, especially if you don’t know their current location. With integrated GPS fleet tracking, you unlock smart assignment recommendations to take the guesswork out of operator assignment and easily dispatch a truck to the next job.

You know how frustrating it is when your cable company estimates a 4 hour window? Wow your customers with realistic estimated times of arrival since you have the truck’s exact location and even real-time traffic updates.

Credit Card Processing

Accept credit card payments faster, easier, and more securely with an embedded payment processor specifically built for the towing and roadside industry.

With TowPay, our embedded credit card processing, you can enter payments within your primary dispatch software rather than navigating to a separate merchant account and trying to matchback to the invoice.

With mobile credit card readers, your operators can take payment on the road instead of calling you back in the office to run payments for them. Focus on your top priority: accepting and dispatching new jobs.

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