Customer Testimonial: B & D Towing And Recovery

Customer Testimonial: B & D Towing And Recovery


B & D Towing and Recovery became a brand new TRAXERO customer on April 28, 2023, actively using our TowLien software. Since then, they have processed over 50 vehicles, performing searches, and sending out letters right out the gate.

Based out of West Memphis, AR, they have been providing heavy-duty towing and recovery services to the Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi areas since 2002. 

With owner Jeff Casper at the helm, B & D Towing and Recovery has maintained a reputation as the region’s go-to resource. They are known for “mitigating risks from breakdowns” and are available to their customers 24/7, 365 days a year. Day or night. Rain or shine.

B & D Towing And Recovery

In B & D Towing And Recovery’s Own Words


Our team had the pleasure of recently asking B & D Towing’s team a few questions about how their experience has been thus far:

TRAXERO: How would you rate the overall ease of use of TowLien? 

B & D: I love it! Super easy to use and I can keep up with all my certified letters in one place now.

TRAXERO: How has TowLien helped you run your business efficiently? 

B & D: It has reminders set so I don’t forget to send out anything too late, and I can keep up with how much each vehicle costs now and bill it back to the customer if the vehicle is picked up.

TRAXERO: How satisfied are you with the level of support and assistance you’ve received during the implementation and ongoing use of TowLien? 

B & D: Anytime I have had a question or concern, Kailyn has been great with getting back with me quickly and helping me.

TRAXERO: Would you recommend TowLien to other businesses? 

B & D: I would! It’s easy to use and very efficient for our business.

TRAXERO: Is there anything about TowLien that you would like to change or any features you are waiting on? 

B & D: Currently waiting on other states to be added to be able to vin out more vehicles on TowLien and also waiting on an update to be able to send out an additional certified letter a month after it’s here. New law for the Arkansas Towing Board and I still have to manually do that now.

TRAXERO: Is there Anything else you’d like to add? 

B & D: Thank you guys for being great. Keep up the good work!

B & D Towing And Recovery

Towing Revenue Optimization


TRAXERO’s lien and mail services bring you three steps closer to making money faster. Simply search, send, collect! 

Our lien and mail software plays a key role in the Towing Revenue Optimization (TRO) lifecycle. 

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B & D Towing And Recovery