Towing Revenue Optimization (TRO)

TRAXERO's towing management software and fleet tracking on Apple iPhone

What is TRO?

Towing Revenue Optimization (TRO) helps towers focus on their business as a whole.


TRO provides owners and general managers a complete view of their business and an understanding of what areas to focus on to run their business more efficiently and profitably.​

TRAXERO‘s comprehensive suite of software solutions makes this possible.

The TRO Lifecycle

TRO enables towers to diversify their business through the vehicle’s lifecycle from that first incoming call to clearing impound lots.


This means more than just managing jobs. That is not good enough anymore; TRO is about understanding which jobs are the most profitable and how to maximize the value of those jobs.

Get the call

Determine if the job is right for your business

Dispatch and complete the job

Get paid and move onto the next

A Clear Picture of What TRO IS and IS NOT


When done right, TRO is your secret weapon for running a profitable towing business.

A single tool or platform

A set of systems that seamlessly works together

A way to get more jobs

A better way to select the right jobs for YOUR business, dispatch them, collect payments, and have a comprehensive view of your entire business

A set it and forget it solution

A streamlined way to manage all aspects of your business on a daily basis for optimal efficiency and profitability

For everyone

For those towing companies who want more profitable jobs, improved operations, and maximized revenue.

Break down the silos and run your business more efficiently and profitably.

Effective Integrations For An Easier Workflow

We are not like the other towing software companies. We are the only one that is a true single experience and that’s because of our seamless integrations.


With TRAXERO, the days of opening multiple windows to run your business are no more. Now you can access one entry point and execute all your daily tasks from tracking your fleet and taking credit card payments on-the-go, to managing your impound lot inventory, running in-person and online auctions, and creating detailed reports. All with a knowledgeable support team ready to assist as you need them.


 Below are just a few of the companies that turn to TRAXERO to help their businesses run smoothly.

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