We’re Becoming TRAXERO

The towing software you’ve relied on for more than a decade to manage your impound lot is now bringing you into the next phase of our industry as part of the TRAXERO brand.


This next step allows us to create an even more integrated solution to serve you better as your business evolves.

What’s Staying the Same

The value we provide will only continue to grow.


You can still expect to increase visibility into your company operations to the benefit of:


  • Greater efficiency
  • Decreased admin cost
  • Heightened control over the success of the business, and more!

Explore the future of TMS:  Towing Revenue Optimization tools. 

Benefits You Can Rely On

We remain committed to our OMADI promise in our new brand.

Time Savings

  • Eliminate paper tickets
  • Pull quick reports on payroll and commissions
  • Digital Dispatch

Making Money

  • Accounts receivable
  • Customer Portal (for account, PPI and police tows)
  • CRM Functionality

Reducing Risks

  • Time and geo-stamped photos
  • Vehicle condition reports
  • Easily track contracts

How It Works

Check out the benefits that come with our new mobile app.

Got questions? Our team is here to help you.