How We Can Help Run Your Business

If your current software isn’t cutting it or you’re still using pen and paper to keep track of all your towing operations, there is a much better way!


TRAXERO’s software is easy to use and will help your business run more efficiently and profitably.

Pick Your Solution

Our solutions combine all the key towing software features in the business, giving you one point of contact that supports growth and increases profits for those who take the road every day.

If you have an impound lot, we have the best impound yard software out there. We empower you to monetize your impound yard by giving you full visibility and control over the auction, lien, and mail side of your business.

Digital map of Knoxville, TN

Our GPS software helps you keep track of your fleet in real-time while also monitoring speed, traffic alerts, and giving you access to state mileage, idle, ignition and stops reports.

An impound lot of vehicles

Our auction software lets you load vehicles right into the app, run three different types of auctions, manage bids, take payments, and monitor activity with ongoing reporting.

Aerial view of an impound lot filled with vehicles

Our lienholder search and notification system enables you to browse DMV records and send reminders electronically.

Easily process credit card payments safely and securely on your device, whether you’re in the office or out on the roadways.

Ready to take the next step in streamlining your towing business?