The Future of Credit Card Processing is Here

With numerous integrations to better serve our customers, TowPay is taking the next step forward as part of TRAXERO.


The credit card processing you know us for remains the same with our new name as does our commitment to making payment collection fast and easy.

See how we’ll continue growing our Credit Card Processing tools.¬†

Providing Easy, Integrated Payments

TowPay is the first payments platform purpose-built specifically for the Towing Industry. Easy to use, secure, and integrated directly with your tow management software.

Charge Cards On-the-Go

Easily & quickly accept cards on the road right through your TMS app and help drivers to reduce errors so they can get back to the job.

Seamless TMS Integration

Forget messy end-of-month bank balancing with all your payments in one place thanks to an easy integration with your TMS.

Text-to-Pay Notifications

Easily send invoices to customers via text or email for quick payment on the spot, no matter where they are.

Hardware Offerings

Mobile M2 Reader

  • Connects via Bluetooth
  • Accepts chip, tap, and contactless payments
  • Fully-integrated with your TMS Mobile Apps
  • Helps reduce fraud

Desktop BBPOS WisePOS E

  • Connects via WiFi
  • Accepts chip, tap, and contactless payments
  • Perfect for card-present transactions in office
  • Helps reduce fraud

Ready to see how it can work for your business?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I speak with someone about getting started with TowPay?

To get in touch with our sales team, request a demo here and a member of our team will walk you through setting up TowPay.

How does TowPay integrate into my towing software?

TowPay seamlessly integrates into your towing management software, which includes: Tracker, Dispatch Anywhere (Beacon), and TOPS (TXI Systems), Omadi, InTow, and TraxeroGO.

How and when will I receive money?

TowPay offers next-day funding and instant payouts (with a small fee).

For example: With next-day funding, a charge created on Monday would be deposited into your bank account on Tuesday.

How much does TowPay cost?

TowPay offers a simple, flat rate pricing at 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for both card present and card-not present transactions including Link To Pay.

Is it TowPay or Stripe?

TowPay is built on top of the Stripe platform and is the first fully integrated payment processing solution for our towing management platforms.

What are payouts?

Your TowPay account collects credit card payments from your jobs, deducts processing fees, then deposits the remaining sum (net deposit) into your bank account, called a payout.

How do I get in contact for questions about TowPay?

For sales and partnership inquiries, please contact us here.

If you have a question about an existing TowPay account, please visit our support portal for existing customers.