TowMagic is now TraxeroGO

Meet TraxeroGO, the only towing app on the market with ZERO monthly fees!


Receive motor club jobs, manage cash calls, and process payments, all in one easy-to-use mobile platform.

Take your first step towards a more efficient towing management system. 

How It Works

TraxeroGO offers fast, lightweight solutions for the towing operator who’s constantly on the move.

Get Jobs From Your Network

Sign up with motor clubs, connect to your TraxeroGO account and start receiving, accepting, and managing network jobs directly through the app.

Easily Manage
Cash Calls

Running cash calls? It’s about to get easier. TraxeroGo enables you to keep track of all of your calls in one easy-to-use mobile app.


Easily send invoices to customers via text or email for quick payment on the spot, no matter where they are.

See It In Action

Ready to see how it can work for your business?