TraxeroGO screen on Apple iPhone with Tesla logo

TRAXERO and Tesla Roadside

Digital dispatch without the monthly fees


TraxeroGO works with Tesla Roadside to provide a seamless digital dispatch solution to service providers who are tired of paying monthly fees.


With TraxeroGO, you can manage your business on the go by receiving Tesla Roadside and other motor club jobs, managing cash calls, and processing payments, all in one easy-to-use mobile platform.

How It Works

TraxeroGO offers fast, lightweight solutions for the towing operator on the go.

Sign Up and Go

Sign up for a free TraxeroGO account in minutes. Add your business details. Add your Tesla Roadside ID and credentials. Start receiving calls today.

Tesla Roadside

Receive Tesla Roadside dispatches and manage calls with seamless two-way integration. Share status updates and complete jobs in real-time so you can get paid faster.

Get Paid

TraxeroGO supports most major motor clubs, cash calls, and integrated payment processing, giving you the ability to run payments through a card reader or via manual entry.

Free Forever

No Contracts. No Monthly Fees.

Getting Started with TraxeroGO

Create a free TraxeroGO account and begin receiving digital dispatches in three easy steps.

Create your free TraxeroGO account

Create a free TraxeroGO account in minutes — no credit card required!

Add your Motor Club contract account menu screen

Add your Tesla Roadside provider ID through Settings > Contractor Accounts

TraxeroGO app in the Apple Store

Download the TraxeroGO mobile app for iOS or Android

Accept Payments with TowPay

Seamlessly accept payments directly from your TraxeroGO app with TowPay.

  • All-inclusive flat rate fees for card-present and card-not-present transactions
  • No monthly or hidden fees
  • Fully compliant solution to protect against fraud, chargebacks, and security headaches
  • Reliably accept payments on the road
  • Compatible with the Mobile M2 Card Reader to accept chip, tap, and contactless payments


To set up your TowPay account reach out to to get started.

Payment confirmation screen on TraxeroGO with TowPay

Get Started with TraxeroGO Now!

Free Forever. Really.

TraxeroGO FAQs

How do I become a Tesla Roadside Partner?

TraxeroGO does not automatically enroll you with motor clubs — you must establish an account with Tesla Roadside and receive a provider ID in order to receive dispatches through TraxeroGO.

To enroll with Tesla Roadside, complete their Roadside Partner Application to get started.

Is TraxeroGO a free trial?

No! TraxeroGO is free for you to use as long as you would like! There are no trial periods, no monthly fees, and certainly no contracts.

Who do I contact if I need support?

The fastest way to receive product support for TraxeroGO is to log a support ticket. Once received, your ticket will be reviewed by our customer support team and they will be in contact with you to resolve your issues accordingly.


traxero; verb. Latin root meaning “to drag”


Through the power of integration, TRAXERO delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions that supports towing and roadside assistance professionals of all types to run more profitable businesses.


Digital dispatch software is just the foundation; TRAXERO also offers impound yard software featuring auction management, lien, and mail solutions, GPS fleet tracking, and embedded payment processing. Together, they offer a powerful suite of towing software from a single provider that is designed to give you insights into making better business decisions, creating more opportunities for efficiency.


It’s what we call Towing Revenue Optimization. Learn more about TRO and how TRAXERO empowers your business to make more money.