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In Part 2 of Shop Talk With Master Riggers, we welcome back Mike Scheidt, GM of Garner’s Towing and Daniel Williams, Manager of Southwest Towing, who continue their in-depth conversation about some of their most memorable recoveries. They made our jobs easy, as we just...

In Part 1 of this episode, we welcomed two indisputable master riggers in the towing industry: Mike Scheidt, GM of Garner’s Towing and Daniel Williams, Manager of Southwest Towing, who gave us a deeper understanding of their rigging skills and all of the factors that...

We are celebrating our 10th episode! We made it to the double digits! And helping us celebrate our latest triumph is none other than HDM Towing & Truck Center's Owner, Michelle Sukow, who took us on quite a journey while talking about her career. She...

Our series on chatting about all things auctions continued as we welcomed Will Farmer, TRAXERO’S VP of Impound Revenue Operations and Brian Young, Merl’s Towing Service’s Inventory and Dispatch Manager. In this episode, we covered how our software, Auction Simplified, has revolutionized the auction process...

In this episode, we sat down with Kevin Leigh, Founder and Director of Auction Simplified, and spoke about all things auction related. One major highlight was what our auction software offers our customers in an effort to help them get their inventory in front of...

Listen to our TowLien by TRAXERO Program Manager-Customer Support, Jen Olinde break down exactly how TowLien works and how it can be integrated with our other towing management software platforms to help towers be more efficient and compliant as they run their businesses. ...

We are joined by Rhonda Golemon, Owner of Bear’s Towing, Susan Shelly, Operations Manager at Bear’s Towing, and Jen Olinde, TowLien by TRAXERO’s Program Manager-Customer Support as we discuss the ins and outs of TowLien and how much better life is for towers with impound...