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Towing Management Software

Built with the needs of dispatchers, operators, managers, and owners in mind, Dispatch Anywhere by TRAXERO is a powerful towing management solution designed for the established towing or roadside assistance company primarily performing motor club and light- and medium-duty jobs who require robust reporting features.

Dispatch Anywhere job details screen on a monitor

It All Starts With Dispatch

Your towing management software needs to be reliable and allow your dispatchers to easily accept and dispatch jobs with as little resistance as possible.


That’s why Dispatch Anywhere was designed with a focus on efficiency, from smart operator assignment and VIN lookups to customizable views and more.

Dispatch Anywhere for Drivers mobile app on an Apple iPhone

In Your Operators’ Pockets

With the Dispatch Anywhere for Drivers mobile app, your operators have all the details needed to complete the job and move on to the next without having to call back to your office.


Minimize time wasted in the field and see how it improves your customers’ experiences (and your bottom line).

Daily Receipt Report within Dispatch Anywhere

Your Business Insights

Dispatch Anywhere’s built-in reporting module allows you to explore job breakdowns by operators, actual arrival times against ETAs, commission payouts, and over 250 other reports.


Get to know your business inside and out and track the metrics that mean the most to your success.

Dispatch Anywhere by TRAXERO Users Include

With Dispatch Anywhere You Can…

Save Time Locating Your Customers

Accurately pinpoint your customers’ locations with geolocation links sent via text message. No need to ask for landmarks, crossroads, or mile markers.

Remove The Guesswork From Operator Assignment

Reduce dispatch time with auto-recommended operator assignments based on proximity to the next job.

Receive Your Motor Club Jobs

Connect your motor clubs to receive and complete digital dispatches and submit invoices through the accounting module.

Protect Yourself With Photo Proof

Document and preserve vehicle photographs on the job details to protect your business or provide to customer insurance companies.

Get Paid

Accept credit card payments within Dispatch Anywhere with TowPay, and use the native accounting features or integrate with your instance of Intuit QuickBooks to manage your accounts receivable.

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Your Team’s New Best Friend.

Dispatch Anywhere allows users to customize their workflow and views, pinpoint customer locations with geolocation links, use magic VIN lookups to reduce manual entry, drag and drop operators from the available queue to job assignment, and much more.


Empower your dispatchers and operators with efficiency.

Dispatch Anywhere by TRAXERO on a desktop computer and a mobile device
TRAXERO's Towing Management Software is part of the industry's only comprehensive suite of towing software solutions

Harness The Power of TRAXERO.

As part of the TRAXERO towing software family, Dispatch Anywhere is the foundation of your comprehensive business tools suite.


Track your fleet with BudgetGPS, seamlessly integrate TowLien to mail notices to interested parties in just a few clicks, connect to Auction Simplified to clear vehicles from your lot, and take payments from the road with TowPay.


That’s the TRAXERO difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same as Beacon Software Dispatch Anywhere?

Yes! Beacon Software provided the most reliable software for the towing industry, which included Dispatch Anywhere. That reliability continues now as part of TRAXERO with the idea of bringing the industry’s best software together from a single solutions partner!

How will my team learn to use Dispatch Anywhere?

As a TRAXERO customer, you’ll never be left behind. Our customer success and support teams remain the industry’s best, and they’re here to help you onboard your new business tools and ensure you’re making the most of your software.


From day 1, you’ll have one-on-one training for you and your team to learn the ins-and-outs of Dispatch Anywhere.


You’re not left to the mercy of automated support or bots when you need help. We have real humans who are product experts on standby at all times.

What integrations are available for Dispatch Anywhere?

Dispatch Anywhere can integrate with Intuit Quickbooks, Whiterail, and a range of GPS and fleet tracking providers, including TRAXERO’s BudgetGPS.


When it comes to motor clubs, we’ve got you covered! Receive digital dispatches from Allstate, GEICO, Tesla, Agero, Nation Safe Drivers, and more.


Most importantly, Dispatch Anywhere seamlessly integrates with TRAXERO’s other towing solutions — BudgetGPS, TowLien, Auction Simplified, and TowPay — providing you a full suite of business tools from a single provider. Now that’s efficiency.

What is the pricing for Dispatch Anywhere?

Dispatch Anywhere by TRAXERO pricing varies based on the number of users and other add ons such as the motor club module to accept digital dispatches.


Request your custom pricing today to speak with a Product Specialist who will help outline the solutions that work best for your business now and in the future.

Does access to the mobile apps cost more?

No! Once you become a Dispatch Anywhere by TRAXERO user, you’re able to make full use of the Dispatch Anywhere mobile app and the Dispatch Anywhere for Drivers app. Your team will thank you for it!

Downloads for Current Users

Current Dispatch Anywhere by TRAXERO users can download and install the tools to get started. An active TRAXERO customer account is required to login once installed on any device.


Download the setup file and begin configuration for your Windows PC.

Mobile App

Manage your jobs and track operators from the palm of your hand.

DA For Drivers App

Designed to help operators increase their efficiency from the road.