Million Call Club Vehicle Management Solutions

TRAXERO Million Call Club: Vehicle Management Solutions


Vehicle Management Solutions Quick Stats:

45 years in business

Geographic footprint across 13 states

Call Volume: 400K+ Annually

Incidents Cleared: 170K+ Annually

Municipal Impounds: 100K+ Annually

Unclaimed Vehicles Sold: 25K+ Annually

Average Traffic Incident Response Time: 47 sec

Average Time To Clear Incident: 12 min 43 sec

TRAXERO’s Million Call Club honors Vehicle Management Solutions, which has received, dispatched, and completed over 1 million calls on our software.

Vehicle Management Solutions, or VMS for short, is a family-operated business known as the largest provider of dispatch, vehicle storage, and traffic incident management services in the country. 

VMS leverages high quality local services, a highly-advanced technology platform, and over 100 years of combined experience nationwide that delivers custom-made solutions.

They provide a wide variety of service solutions for states, local municipalities, law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, and logistics companies including dispatch management, vehicle storage management, and traffic incident management.

TRAXERO recently had the opportunity to meet with VMS in person to congratulate them on being a member of the Million Call Club.

From left to right: Chris Landis, CEO of TRAXERO, Jim Ferguson, CIO of VMS, Kevin Corcoran, CEO of VMS, and Jeff Pesnell, CSO of TRAXERO.


Congratulations VMS for completing over 1 million calls on our software! Here’s to much continued success!