TRAXERO Million Call Club: Sandy’s Towing and Recovery


Sandy’s Towing and Recovery Quick Stats:

Established: Over 60 years ago

7 locations in Ohio: Dayton, Fairborn, Middletown, Moraine, Springboro, South Broadway, Vandalia

Number Of Trucks In Fleet: 70+

TRAXERO’s Million Call Club honors Sandy’s Towing and Recovery, which has received, dispatched, and completed over 1 million calls on our software.

Million Call Club Sandy's Towing and Recovery

We had a chance to talk to Brad McIntosh from Sandy’s Towing and Recovery about his experience with our software and what it’s been like to dispatch over 1 million calls. 


TRAXERO: Your company has dispatched over one million calls. Were you even aware of the volume of calls that have been made over the years? What does it mean to you?

Brad McIntosh: We look at annual call volume, but we really haven’t considered the compounded number over the years. For one, it means we are growing. Our annual volume goes up every year. Secondly, it means we are staying the course. What we are doing is working and we improve every day.


TRAXERO: Could you share some memorable experiences or challenges your company has faced over years of dispatching that many calls? What stands out the most to you?

BM: Thinking about memorable moments with our dispatch software, the things that I remember most are the training and process of switching to new versions, upgraded features, add-ons, etc. It is always a daunting task but seeing everyone embrace it and become more efficient always makes it worth it.


Million Call Club - Sandy's Towing and Recovery 


TRAXERO: One million calls don’t happen overnight – talk about how your business has grown over the years.


BM: We have grown significantly since we began with Tracker by TRAXERO, both organically and through acquisition. We have developed a solid reputation locally and added many national customers that keep us busy every day. We perform nearly 100,000 services every year and do not anticipate that number going anywhere but up.


TRAXERO: To receive, dispatch, complete, and get paid on 1M+ calls, it requires building trust with your communities and customers. What are some of the ways your organization works to build that trust?


BM: Above all, you have to deliver quality service. None of your efforts will be sustainable unless your customers are satisfied with the service they received in exchange for their money. Effective branding, being involved in community events, social media, and traditional advertisements, etc. all play a part, it is not a one trick methodology.


TRAXERO: Can you describe the impact of being a TRAXERO customer? How has it helped improve your towing business?

BM: Through the years, Tracker, Tow Lien, etc. have all played a part in our growth and overall success as a company. They give us effective and efficient tools for us to serve our customers. Also, the reporting and management tools help give us insight that we might not see otherwise. All of the pieces together form a toolbox for us that improves our business and helps us do what we do best.


Congratulations Sandy’s Towing and Recovery for completing over 1 million calls on our software! Here’s to much continued success!