Million Call Club Henry's Wrecker Service

TRAXERO Million Call Club: Henry’s Wrecker Service


Henry’s Wrecker Service Quick Stats:

Established: 1960s

5 different locations: Falls Church, VA, Alexandria, VA, Reston, VA, Gaithersburg, MD, and Silver Spring, MD

TRAXERO’s Million Call Club honors Henry’s Wrecker Service, which has received, dispatched, and completed over 1 million calls on our software.

Million Call Club Henry's Wrecker Service

We had a chance to talk to Fred Scheler, President and CEO of Henry’s Wrecker Service, about his experience with our software and what it’s been like to dispatch over 1 million calls. 


TRAXERO: Your company has dispatched over one million calls. Were you even aware of the volume of calls that have been made over the years? 

Fred Scheler: Yes, me and my staff track all calls daily and run reports every day.    

TRAXERO: What does it mean to you? 

FS: It means we have well established ourselves as a leader in the industry and we pride ourselves on taking care of our customers’ needs in a professional manner.

TRAXERO: Could you share some memorable experiences or challenges your company has faced over years of dispatching that many calls? What stands out the most to you? 

FS: In the beginning, the challenge was making sure the information was input correctly because garbage in is garbage out. But over the years, it has proven to be a tool that has become an intricate part of our customer service, being able to share photos and make billing and dispatching easier for both drivers and dispatchers. The system has made us more productive and enabled us to easily communicate between all our different locations across our footprint.

TRAXERO: One million calls don’t happen overnight – talk about how your business has grown over the years. 

FS: Our business has grown over the years by providing our customers service when and where they need us to be. We have grown both organically and with a few acquisitions along the way. Our biggest asset that we have is our staff that takes pride in what we do as a company.

TRAXERO: To receive, dispatch, complete, and get paid on 1M+ calls, it requires building trust with your communities and customers. What are some of the ways your organization works to build that trust? 

FS: By always giving upfront pricing and by being active in the communities that we serve with various charity groups and nonprofits that have a direct effect on the communities that we serve.  

TRAXERO: Can you describe the impact of being a TRAXERO customer? How has it helped improve your towing business? 

FS: Being a TRAXERO customer has impacted the way we look to service our customers. It also has been a great tool to use when it comes to evaluating our drivers’ productivity and has enabled us to make cost cutting decisions when needed to become a stronger company. It has also helped with our expansion by making sure that calls are not being missed or overlapping each other when there is already a truck in the area that can service the customer since all the locations can easily communicate and see each other’s division calls. It also makes sure that our pricing structure is there for our customers to ensure the proper price is being charged.


Congratulations Henry’s Wrecker Service for completing over 1 million calls on our software! Here’s to much continued success!