TRAXERO's Million Call Club

Introducing The TRAXERO Million Call Club


Introducing The TRAXERO Million Call Club!


Have you ever thought about what 1 million calls actually looks like? Let’s put it in perspective. 

You’re receiving and dispatching calls every day. Assuming each call lasts around 5 minutes, it would take approximately 83,333 hours to complete all the calls. That’s equivalent to over 3,472 days or nearly 9.5 years of continuous conversation.

That’s a lot of talking, and all that talking is what keeps things moving, literally. The towing industry wouldn’t be what it is without dispatch exchanges. Everything from rollovers, spills, wrecks, you name it, these calls determine the trajectory of what towers set out to do on a 24/7, 365 basis. Rain or shine, day or night. 

With all that being said, we want to offer our deepest congratulations to all of our customers who have made it into the TRAXERO Million Call Club!! What does this mean exactly? It means these customers have demonstrated their loyalty as TRAXERO customers by receiving, dispatching, and completing over 1 million calls on our software!

Million Call Club companies

Each of these companies will be receiving a beautiful TRAXERO trophy to commemorate their achievement!

Thank you all for your business and thank you for being loyal TRAXERO customers!

To follow along the journey of our Million Call Club inductees, check back here every Monday for our Million Call Club Blog Series that will shine the spotlight on each individual company and their experience in the industry.

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