The InTow You Know is Now TRAXERO

The towing management software trusted for 20+ years by leaders in the industry is taking on a new name: TRAXERO.


This next step provides us even more resources and options for addressing the needs you care about most when it comes to operating and growing your business.

Monitor and expand your business with the towing management software designed with your needs in mind. 

What You Can Expect

Our core product serves as your data management engine and is used to automate and streamline internal processes.

User-Friendly Interface

Nothing complicated here. We designed an easy-to-use interface with powerful, multi-field search tools and view capabilities.

Tracking Capabilities

Accurately capture and track every service call, location of trucks and drivers, and view impounds, releases, police holds, and more.

Financial Accuracy

Simplify invoices, statements, payments, and credits while also tracking expenses and splitting bills all from one spot.

See why InTow software has been trusted by towers for more than 20 years.

Additional Features to Add-On


Enhance InTow Manager with additional modules designed to integrate seamlessly with your business needs.

InTow Mobile and Messenger - Mobile App and SMS Driver Communications

Two available modules that allow you to communicate and route your drivers efficiently and accurately to forego wasted call time


  • Allows drivers to accept calls from dispatch or enter calls directly
  • Drivers can route themselves to call locations and destinations, update call status’, scan and decode VINS, create and email invoices, accept payments, develop detailed reports, store full call notes
  • All details captured on the call update within InTow Manager running at the office


  • For drivers with poor cellular data coverage, or staff resistant to technology
  • Allows drivers to accept calls from dispatch
  • Drivers can route themselves to call locations and destinations, update call status’, enter call notes, and upload multiple images to InTow Manager running at the office

Note: Mobile Terminals require InTow GPS

InTow Connect - Motor Club and Private Account Digital Call Acceptance

The InTow Connect module electronically engages with motor clubs, private customers, police departments, and property managers.

  • Accept service requests electronically and select preferred inputs with the custom dispatch board
  • Integrates with Allstate, Allied, Geico, FleetNet, Quest, AXA, Sykes, D3 – Bringg – AXIS for AAA, Agero, and many more
  • Non-Motor Club accounts have the capability to access InTow Connect via a secured web page
InTow Financials - QuickBooks Desktop & Online Integrations

The InTow Financials module automates and digitizes financial operations

  • Synchronize notable details directly into your accounting database including tax tables, customer records, employees, service items, income, and expenses
  • Avoid duplicative data entries and errors and quickly calculate business financials
  • Synchronize QuickBooks and understand profit, loss, balance sheets, income, and expense graphs with ease!
    Capability to synchronize with multiple Quickbooks databases with InTow Manager Multi-Company
InTow GPS - Improve Location-based Services and Communication

The InTow GPS module works to increase your call volume and maximize profits

  • Integrates directly with your call location data by strategically sending the nearest driver to the dispatch location
  • Improve customer service opportunities by communicating truck locations directly to the caller
  • Limit and reduce fuel and maintenance costs by maximizing call performances
InTow Auctions - Run Your Own Auctions

The InTow Auctions module allows towing companies to run vehicle auctions within InTow Manager Software

  • For vehicles not claimed, and lien processing compete, set up your auction dates and move vehicles from your storage yard to your scheduled auctions
  • Add buyers as they register for each auction and assign each an auction number
  • Accurately track winning bids, release from impound, and record payments
  • Print Bill of Sale, schedule pickup of sold vehicle, and store notable details
  • Profit off impound vehicles via the digital auction
InTow Auto-Email - Automate Email Communications

The InTow Auto-Email module allows for customized email communication and invoicing

  • Rules-based capabilities to establish preferred communication rules, reporting, and delivery
  • Streamline correspondence with customers, police departments, motor clubs, and more
  • Easily send invoices, statements, reports on a specified cadence
InTow Inventory - Add In-Stock Inventory Items to Calls

The InTow Inventory module assists roadside mechanic service companies in inventory tracking

  • Add services and sell inventory of batteries and tires through easy addition to call invoices
  • Track inventory levels, set reorder quantities, issue reports, and manage records seamlessly
TowMail Integration - Send Certified Mail® from Your Desktop

The TowMail Integration speeds up preparation, tracking, and management of Certified Mail®

  • Set up reminders and inform users of notable sending dates
  • TowMail manages certified letters distribution – eliminating manual postage, envelope stuffing, and travel to the Post Office for your team
  • Receive electronic proof of acceptances, mail status, and electronic return receipts

Note: This is not available in Canada

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