Feature Friday

Welcome to our Feature Friday Playlist! Each week, we will be shining the spotlight on one great feature, tip, or trick that our software does that will help streamline your towing business operations, making your jobs easier and bringing in more money.


Check out all our Feature Friday videos below:

Dispatch Anywhere

Auto Add Job Services in Dispatch Anywhere
Processing Payments via TowPay in Dispatch Anywhere
Customer Locator in Dispatch Anywhere
Mapping Functionality In Dispatch Anywhere
Assigning Drivers To A Call In Dispatch Anywhere
Exploring Impound Inventory Labels In Dispatch Anywhere


Creating Groups In BudgetGPS Account


Advanced Search Functions in TOPS

Auction Simplified

Cashing Out A Vehicle And Printing Buyer’s Bill Of Sale
Accounting Reporting For Auctions
Inventory Management
Adding New Users to Your Auction Account
How To Batch Add Vehicles To Auction


Merchant Dashboard For TowPay
Processing Credit Cards Via TowPay For Omadi
Accepting Accounts Receivable Payments Via TowPay For TOPS