Who is Traxero?


The towing industry traces its roots back to the early 20th century when automobiles became more prevalent. Initially, towing was primarily performed by garages and service stations using basic equipment like ropes and hooks.

The demand for more sophisticated towing services increased over the years. Dedicated towing companies invested in specialized equipment, such as flatbed trucks and hydraulic lifts. This way, they could provide more efficient and safe towing services to meet the needs of their customers.

Not only has the towing industry evolved equipment wise, but software has seen many changes and improvements as well. To improve business operations, many towing companies have decided to move from pen and paper and progress to digital platforms. Better yet, many towing companies are finding out that they can run their entire business from one piece of software. And that’s where we come in.



TRAXERO is the leading provider of innovative software solutions for the towing industry. We understand how hectic running a towing business can be with all its moving parts. That’s why we brought the industry’s most essential towing solutions together on a user-friendly platform. 

Towing Revenue Optimization (TRO) is a mindset shift, helping towers see their business in a different way. Instead of just managing call after call, you can start focusing on driving efficiency. As such, this increases effectiveness across your entire towing business so you can make better business decisions.

With advanced digital features, our software empowers towing companies to optimize their operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and bring in more profits. Our digital dispatching software integrates with fleet tracking and credit card processing solutions. We also offer auction, lien and mail products to help our customers expand their buyer audience and clear unwanted inventory more quickly and efficiently. 

We at TRAXERO not only understand and appreciate how the towing industry has changed over the years, but we know what it takes to help our customers keep up. 

Our software empowers dispatchers, managers, operators, accounting, and more keep up with the unpredictable, fast-paced nature of the towing industry. We built dedicated products with all the features towers need so they can provide the best service to their customers.

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Our towing software helps you quickly and effectively manage your entire operation in a more organized and digital fashion. Say goodbye to gaps and inconsistencies in your reporting.

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Better reporting means better insights, which means more money coming in. We change the game when it comes to running a towing business, here’s how our solutions do that.

A Fully Integrated Suite Of Software


Our software provides all the tools towers need to quickly and effectively manage their business on one robust, easy-to-use platform.  


Our dispatch software enables towing companies to receive incoming jobs, assign drivers and vehicles, track job progress, and manage daily operations​. Towers can also access mapping views, and make automatic mileage calculations​.

“The reporting side of it, which was a huge selling point of us transitioning over to Dispatch Anywhere by TRAXERO was, I can go in and I can see individual drivers, I can see trucks. I can make sure that we’re not having a problem with a driver… And that’s a huge key to the turnaround of what I do,” said Derek Cardwell, General Manager of Henry’s Towing. “If you’re not monitoring those items and you’re just shooting from the hip with everything you do, what are you doing in this industry?” 

Auction Management Software

Our auction management software is designed to give you total control of your impound auctions, with a range of different auction styles that put your inventory in front of more buyers, making it convenient for any and all bidders to participate including:

  1. Online Only Auction
  2. Live Auction with Simulcast
  3. Traditional Live Auction


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Lien And Mail

Our lien and mail software speeds up lien processing time and saves you money. This means no more trips to the post office or the DMV!

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Fleet Tracking

Our fleet tracking and camera solutions help towers know where their trucks are at all times, helping towers achieve better accuracy, more detailed reporting, and fewer idle times so you stop burning through fuel. Our fleet tracking will also help protect  towing companies from fraudulent claims, stay compliant, and keep their drivers safe. 

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Credit Card Processing

Our convenient credit card processing system allows towers to eliminate multiple systems that resulted in double entries and errors in bookkeeping. Towers can now process credit card payments while on the road or in the office with fewer chargebacks, so you can get paid faster. 

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Our TMS is what helps towers get a complete overview of every part of their business to increase efficiency and profits without leaving money on the table. Thus, achieving towing revenue optimization.

The TRAXERO Promise 


No matter how much the towing industry has changed over the years, it will always be improving, and TRAXERO guarantees that it will continue to evolve right along with the towing industry with every advancement in technology.

Our reliable support team responds quickly and is always here to help you get set up and answer any questions about how it all works. You never have to go it alone.

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To learn more about how you can start using TRAXERO’s tools to start improving your towing business, visit traxero.com or call us at 1-800-428-4715.