What Sets TRAXERO’s Software Apart

What Sets TRAXERO’s Towing Software Apart

This blog about TRAXERO’s towing software is featured in Tow Professional Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 7, 2023.


TRAXERO is the leading provider of innovative software solutions for the towing industry. We understand how hectic running a towing business can be. That’s why we created software that’s all encompassing, bringing the industry’s most essential towing solutions together, all in one place.

How TRAXERO’s Towing Software = Success


TRAXERO helps towers see their business in a different way. Instead of just managing call after call, our integrated software helps you focus on driving efficiency and effectiveness across your entire towing business so you can make better business decisions.


With advanced digital features, our software empowers towers to optimize their operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and bring in more profits. Our digital dispatching software integrates with fleet tracking and credit card processing solutions. We also offer industry-leading impound yard solutions including auction, lien and mail products. This combination helps our customers expand their buyer audience and clear unwanted inventory more quickly and efficiently.


Our software caters to all business roles to keep up with the unpredictable, fast-paced nature of the towing industry. We built dedicated products with all features towers need, no matter what type of towing or roadside assistance they do. This way, they can provide the best service to their customers.


Our towing software helps you quickly and effectively manage your entire operation in a more organized and digital fashion. Say goodbye to gaps and inconsistencies in your reporting.

Better reporting means better insights, which means more money coming in. Here’s how our solutions standout.

A Fully Integrated Suite Of Software


Our software provides all the tools towers need to quickly and effectively manage their business on one robust, easy-to-use platform.  




TRAXERO has a dispatching solution that is right for your towing needs. This gives your towing operation the flexibility to expand as your business grows.


Our hierarchy of solutions are designed to advance with you:


TraxeroGO: Everything you need to accept digital dispatches and run cash calls for your growing business — for free, forever! 


Dispatch Anywhere: Flexible, powerful, and built to run a variety of calls from motor club to commercial accounts and personal property impound. Diversify your business with impound yard management and powerful integrations.


TRAXERO's Software Dispatch Anywhere


TOPS: Our most powerful solution with robust configurations, reports, and management controls. Especially for businesses doing more municipal, police, account work, and motor club jobs.


“The reporting side of it was a huge selling point for us transitioning over to Dispatch Anywhere by TRAXERO. I can go in and I can see individual drivers, I can see trucks. I can make sure that we’re not having a problem with a driver… And that’s a huge key to the turnaround of what I do,” said Derek Cardwell, General Manager of Henry’s Towing. 

Auction Management


Our auction management software is the towing industry’s very first integrated auction solution that fully connects with TRAXERO’s Towing Management Software (TMS). This makes running an auction easier than ever to organize and to keep accurate records. 


Auction Simplified by TRAXERO is designed to give you total control of your impound auctions. We offer a range of different auction styles that put your inventory in front of the most buyers possible. This makes it convenient for any and all bidders to participate including:


  1. Online Only Auction
  2. Live Auction with Simulcast
  3. Traditional Live Auction


Our auction software saves time and reduces errors from having to manually enter data between systems. Instead, you can benefit by integrating with your existing TRAXERO TMS, leading to increased productivity and smoother operations.  


Auction Simplified


We also deliver more robust reporting, better visibility into your inventory, and saving you time when reconciling transactions. If you’re currently not a TMS customer today, you can still run auctions, but to take the most advantage of our software, a TRAXERO TMS to auction integration is the way to go.


TRAXERO’s fully integrated auction solution also has selling and buying features that make it easier to inspect and sell salvage and wholesale inventory. Statistically, towers who run their own private auctions consistently earn higher profit per car.


“It’s a great way to get rid of cars, and it’s simplified. I think it’s a great program, and it’s actually really cost-effective for what you get out of it, with the background help, the software, and the domain. I really like it,” said Josh Langerfeld, Auction Manager of Dean’s Towing.


Lien And Mail


Our lien and mail software, TowLien by TRAXERO, optimizes and streamlines the entire lien and/or title/permit to sell process for any of the stored repaired vehicles that may be abandoned at the facility that towers need to gain title to. 


It is specifically designed for the types of facilities that have an impound yard, so it’s ideal for a towing/storage repair facility that impounds and stores abandoned vehicles that need to go through the search process.


Or if it’s not abandoned, certain states require proper reporting of private property impounds within so many hours to their law enforcement. TowLien can assist with that. 


TRAXERO's Software TowLien


When there are vehicles that are stored, certain states have requirements that they must notify the appropriate state agencies to be able to legally charge storage beyond so many hours or so many days. TowLien helps to accommodate that, to maintain that all companies remain within the compliance guidelines within their state. 


It walks them through the entire process from step A to Z, from when the vehicle is impounded all the way through to when they need to apply for the title, and it provides all the necessary forms that may be required by their state along with deadline reminders for each step in the process. 


“I have been using TowLien for over three years, processing over 1,000 vehicles, and this program has been a life saver. Processing impounds used to be a full-time job, but TowLien cuts the job time in half. Searching for registrations, sending letters, and creating your paperwork has been simplified in the best possible way. The customer service is amazing as well. In the rare case something does go wrong, I usually receive a resolution in a few hours. I can’t express how much time, energy, and money is saved by using TowLien,” said Becky Geuther from Stearns Companies in Ohio.


Fleet Tracking


Our fleet tracking and camera solutions help towers know where their trucks are at all times, helping towers achieve better accuracy, more detailed reporting, and fewer idle times so you stop burning through fuel. 


BudgetGPS by TRAXERO will also help protect towing companies from fraudulent claims, ensuring compliance, and keeping their drivers safe. 




Our fleet tracking software is designed to handle multiple locations and divisions. We provide strong onboarding and support services as well as allowing you as the tower to customize your GPS software as much as you want. 


It also easily integrates with Quickbooks, Sage, and our other platforms such as credit card processing, lien and mail, and auctions software.


Towers can also take advantage of the reporting module by customizing and printing daily reports to ensure everything looks accurate and steady, maintaining the efficiency of the business. 


“BudgetGPS is a very useful tool for our business. The way that it interfaces with the TOPS dispatch system makes for accurate and timely information and avoids wasting time re-entering data. We are able to track our vehicles and give our customers accurate ETAs. The system is easy to use to enter/update vehicle information and the reports available are helpful for monitoring the driver’s habits as well as verifying the vehicle location history. I highly recommend BudgetGPS,” said Cathy Rozier from Allen’s Towing Service in Jacksonville, FL.


Credit Card Processing


Our convenient credit card processing system allows towers to eliminate multiple systems that can result in double entries and errors in bookkeeping. Towers can now process credit card payments while on the road or in the office with fewer chargebacks, so you can get paid faster. 


With TowPay by TRAXERO, we automate the reconciliation process of your transactions and consolidate your payment operations. Now you can streamline your operations and never question when a tow ticket is paid.


TowPay offers an all-inclusive flat rate with absolutely no monthly or hidden fees for both card-present and card-not-present transactions. 


TRAXERO's Software TowPay


You can also unlock efficiency and afford your drivers, dispatchers, and staff the ability to process reliable payments directly from your TMS and on the road.


As far as hardware offerings go, we have two options for processing card-present transactions, one for mobile and one for desktop, ensuring complete integration across all of our other software platforms. 


“I wish we had it sooner. It’s very easy. You’re guaranteed pay before dropping off because the link goes straight to the driver,” said Wendy from Ken Weber Truck Service, Pewaukee, WI.

Come Experience The TRAXERO Difference


Our fully-integrated towing software is what helps towers get a complete overview of every part of their business to increase efficiency and profits without leaving money on the table


Our reliable support team responds quickly and is always here to help you get set up and answer any questions about how it all works. You never have to go it alone.


To learn more about how you can start using TRAXERO’s tools to start improving your towing business, visit traxero.com/contact or call us at 1-800-428-4715.