Stay On Track With Traxero’s Fleet Tracking Tools

Stay On Track With TRAXERO’s Fleet Tracking Tools

This Fleet Tracking Tools blog is featured in Tow Professional Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 3, 2023

In recent years, fleet tracking tools such as in-truck cameras and mobile video systems have become increasingly popular. Tow fleet operators also require these systems, as they improve the safety and security of drivers. Additionally, they offer valuable insights into the day-to-day operations of the rolling fleet.

TRAXERO enhanced and optimized its fleet tracking tools for its customers with the acquisition of BudgetGPS

BudgetGPS is a vehicle and fleet tracking solution specifically designed to support fleet management within the towing industry. TRAXERO has partnered with many industries that have invested in our GPS software and hardware tools. This has enhanced the safety and responsibility among their drivers as well as improved their own customer service.

TRAXERO’s fleet tracking provides the tools that towing operators need to keep drivers compliant and safe out on the roadways.

Benefits Of Fleet Tracking


TRAXERO’s Towing Management Software (TMS) includes a fleet tracking integration that helps towing companies stay on top of where their operators are located. In this way, towing companies can efficiently dispatch their operators to new jobs, thereby increasing their productivity and profitability. Towing companies can also integrate BudgetGPS with other popular towing management packages, including Beacon, InTow, Omadi, TOPS, and Tracker.

With the TOPS integration, for example, BudgetGPS offers a true visual dispatching tool. On the same map, users can view current vehicle locations as well as unassigned pickup locations and drop-off information.

Color-coded icons allow for a visual picture of calls that are in-process and those that are about to clear. Dispatchers can send the best and closest resource to the next job by knowing when and where drivers will clear from their current call. This action saves tow fleet operators time and money. Additionally, users can monitor ETAs by calculating drive time between the truck and pickup locations on a map.


“BudgetGPS is a very useful tool for our business. The way that it interfaces with the TOPS dispatch system makes for accurate and timely information and avoids wasting time re-entering data,” said Cathy Rozier from Allen’s Towing Service in Jacksonville, FL. “We are able to track our vehicles and give our customers accurate ETAs. The system is easy to use to enter/update vehicle information and the reports available are helpful for monitoring the driver’s habits as well as verifying the vehicle location history. I highly recommend BudgetGPS.”   


With TRAXERO’s fleet management tools, towers are also empowered to:

  • Get faster, more accurate live updates. This way, tow fleet operators can find out exactly where each of their vehicles are located and which can be dispatched to another job.
  • Receive immediate geofence alerts via text and email. These notifications indicate when vehicles enter or leave a designated area.
  • See full history reports of each vehicle’s activity. These include time stopped, idle, speeds, and directions.


TRAXERO’s mileage reports help towers see a breakdown by truck and by state of how many miles they have traveled.


Stops reports provide information on when and where drivers are stopped. Towers can also view traffic patterns from Google maps in real-time.

Protection Via Video Evidence


When it comes to hardware, TRAXERO’s in-truck cameras provide valuable evidence in the event of an accident or dispute. Tow truck drivers can prove fault and protect themselves from false claims with the help of video evidence.

This is especially important for drivers who are involved in accidents while towing heavy loads or working in hazardous conditions. Video evidence also expedites the insurance claims process, saving drivers time and money.

This evidence protects a driver and fleet business from many of the issues faced on the roads today including insurance fraud, staged accidents, false/exaggerated whiplash claims, conflicting reports of actual events, driving offense allegations, which often include speeding, traffic signal violations, swerving, and more.

BudgetGPS’ industry-leading hardware mount discreetly inside the cab of the vehicle. Features of the dash cam include:

  • Driver’s view of the road 
  • Inside view of the cabin, which is an optional feature
  • Vehicle GPS location
  • Audio
  • Driving style (speed, acceleration, braking, and steering)


TRAXERO’s camera units also enable towers to stay on top of their drivers’ locations, allowing them to dispatch them more effectively to new jobs and increase their productivity and profitability.


Another benefit of TRAXERO’s fleet tracking solutions is that they can help to improve the efficiency of tow truck businesses. Managers can keep track of the location of their drivers and ensure that they are staying on schedule with video monitoring.

Additionally, managers use video footage to identify areas where drivers may be wasting time or resources, enabling them to make adjustments and improve the overall efficiency of their operations.


“[It’s a] great system! It allows us to know where all of our trucks are at any given time so we can dispatch more efficiently,” said Karen Vanderpool of Lazer Towing in Kansas City, MO. “We can set up alerts if they exceed a specified MPH, or exit a specified ‘zone’ that we set up. We can also run historical reports showing many details about their travels. Highly recommend BudgetGPS!”

Accountability And Transparency


At the end of the day, these systems enhance accountability, improve safety, facilitate communication, increase efficiency, and augment customer service. Thus, towing companies derive many valuable benefits from these systems.


Tow truck companies that leverage TRAXERO’s fleet tracking tools can ensure smooth running operations, providing top-notch service to their customers, and save time and money.

Onboarding And Support


TRAXERO’s fleet tracking software requires no contract. We will never make you sign a long-term agreement of any kind. All plans are month-to-month with low upfront and monthly cost, so there is no pressure to commit.


Our support team is here to assist you in setting up and answering any questions about how our cameras or GPS software work. For any questions or support needs, go to our website or call us at 1-800-428-4715 if you’re interested in a product tour.