How TRAXERO’s Towing Management Software Keeps You Moving

How TRAXERO’s Towing Management Software Keeps You Moving

This Towing Management Software blog is featured in Tow Professional Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 2, 2023


TRAXERO delivers the most essential solutions for towing and roadside assistance professionals to drive higher profitability and efficiency.

Our solutions include advanced digital dispatching and leading impound yard software – including an online impound auctions platform. We also provide fully embedded credit card processing, GPS fleet tracking, and much more, to ensure your success.

TRAXERO’s goal is to provide its customers with a comprehensive suite of solutions focused on Towing Revenue Optimization (TRO). This mindset shift delivers everything towers need to effectively run their business and grow profits. And it will set them up for success today, tomorrow, and for the road ahead. 

Why We’re Different

TRAXERO understands how hectic running a towing business can be with all its moving parts. That’s where TRAXERO is different. We know there is no one-size-fits-all for Towing Management Software (TMS). That is why we built dedicated products with all the features you need. No matter where you are in your business lifecycle or the types of towing and roadside assistance you do. 

Furthermore, as the towing industry continues to rapidly evolve, it’s important our customers know our solutions will evolve right along with them.

We are aware of the uniqueness that comprises each towing company. That’s why our solutions help dispatchers, managers, operators, accounting and more. They can create highly customized reports and integrate with any number of motor clubs and other products, such as QuickBooks.

Towers today need to focus on Towing Revenue Optimization (TRO), not just managing jobs. That is not good enough anymore. TRO is about understanding which jobs are the most profitable and how to maximize the value of those jobs.

And what’s the best way to do that? By choosing a company that offers the best towing software on the market.


Towing Management Software Solutions Fit For Your Business 


Leave the heavy lifting for your tow trucks! TRAXERO’s towing management software makes running your business efficient and profitable. Our software helps towers and roadside assistance professionals be more streamlined. Subsequently, so they can generate more revenue and bring more efficiency to their business.  

Our solutions deliver best-in-class features and functionality including:

Better Dispatching

As your business continues to grow and your needs become more complex, our dispatching software will keep you on the right track. Additionally, you can be confident in knowing you are dispatching the right job to the right operator.

Maximize Operations​

We help larger towing companies and municipalities configure their businesses when it comes to more complex customized reporting. This way, they can know what’s going on at all times.

Easy Payment Processing

Built specifically for the towing industry, TowPay is our simple, embedded payment processing solution. Its functionality enables towers to easily process payments safely and securely. They can seamlessly sync that data with their towing management software, whether they’re in the office or out on the roadways. 

Private Property and Impound

As the market-leading private property and impound (PPI) solutions provider, we combine dispatching capabilities along with PPI-specific functions. These include parking, impound management, and account-based property management.

Fleet Tracking

Our GPS and camera systems allow you to get a real-time view of your fleet. While it also provides speed violation alerts, traffic patterns, and driver behavior reports.

Free Mobile App​

Towers just getting started in the industry shouldn’t have to pay for software. So, we’ve created a free lightweight app to help you get going. With TraxeroGO, you can receive motor club jobs from your network, manage cash calls, process payments, and more. Right in the palm of your hand while on the go.

But our towing management software doesn’t stop there.

Impound Yard Software


In addition to all of that, if you have an impound lot, TRAXERO has the best impound yard software out there. We empower you to monetize your impound yard by giving you full visibility and control over the auction, lien, and mail side of your business. 

Running impound lots can be time consuming, especially while working with multiple systems and trying to connect the dots to follow all the processes. We give you the right software to get the most revenue out of your impound yard. 

Lien and Mail

Our hassle-free, automatic vehicle owner and lienholder search and notification system enables you to search records and send reminders electronically. We will also help you shorten the time it takes to obtain paperwork and titles for abandoned vehicles with our digital impound processing software.

Impound Auction Software

Our easy-to-use auction software is designed to help towers increase profits and save time with a fully digital auction management platform. From inspection to checkout, our software makes running an auction easier than ever to keep accurate records and increase your reach of bidders.

With our advanced capabilities, towers are able to take control and run the type of auction that works best for your business. We offer a range of different auction styles, making it convenient for any and all bidders to participate including:

  1. Online Only Auction
  2. Live Auction with Simulcast
  3. Traditional Live Auction

In Closing


At the end of the day, our towing management software solutions are designed for the heroes of the road. The towing business is a 24/7 commitment to helping drivers in need and clearing our roads to keep everyone safe. 

So that is why we brought all the best tools together to drive growth, maximize profits, and streamline operations.

Our customer service support ​and set up is unmatched, as our software team is available every step of the way and always on standby should any issues arise.

For more information about our software, please visit our website or call us at 1-800-428-4715 if you’d like to talk to our team or receive a product tour.