Feature Of The Month - Dispatch Anywhere

Feature Of The Month – Dispatch Anywhere

In this edition of Feature Of The Month, Dispatch Anywhere is offering a way to better organize your call volumes by date and hour.

Pain Point


For small towing operations, the owners are often working on the road, making it difficult to notice and, more importantly, action patterns in incoming calls.

Large towing operations often experience complexity in the types of calls and accounts coming in, making it difficult to plan staffing accordingly.

The Solution


Now you can easily see call volumes by date and hour. Make sure to add this to your favorite reports. This will allow you to easily and quickly access the information you need whenever you need it. You will also be able to select specific accounts when generating the report, or you can see an aggregate of all calls. Then you can export to an Excel spreadsheet with a color coded heat map that you can save for your records.

Towing Revenue Optimization


Here at TRAXERO, our goal is to help you achieve Towing Revenue Optimization, or TRO. It is a mindset shift that helps towers see a complete view of their business as a whole.

It helps owners, operators, and dispatchers gain an understanding of how to run their business more efficiently and profitably by being able to take a closer, more detailed look at their reporting so they can make better business decisions going forward.