What TRAXERO’s Impound Vehicle Auction Software Can Do For Your Towing Business


How TRAXERO’s simplified auction software is the premier solution for towers to empty their impound yards.

TRAXERO’s simplified auction management software is easy to use and is purpose-built to help towers increase profits and save time with a fully digital platform. From inspection to checkout, our auction software makes running an auction easier than ever to keep accurate records and ensures towers’ inventory gets in front of as many buyers as possible so you can watch the bids start rolling in.

The Basics Of Auction Software


Auction Simplified by TRAXERO is the towing industry’s very first integrated auction solution that’s connected to our Towing Management Software (TMS), making running an auction easier than ever to organize. 

Auction Simplified also helps you avoid duplicate keystrokes, push inventory from one system to another, and push accounting transactions back to our TMS.

TRAXERO’s fully integrated auction solution has selling and buying features that make it easier to inspect and sell salvage and wholesale inventory. 

“At Auction Simplified, we think junk is another word for cash. There are so many entrepreneurs out there maximizing small, niche markets. Our product gives them the starting point for selling cars they’ve taken in and stored in lots,” said Kevin Leigh, Founder and Director of Auction Simplified by TRAXERO. “A well-run auction is as green as it gets because you’re taking something that would have been destroyed and instead recycling it back into the world.” 

Listen to Kevin elaborate more on how TRAXERO’s auction software stands out in this episode of TRAXERO On-The-Go:


Pick Your Auction Style


With Auction Simplified’s advanced capabilities, we put towers in the driver’s seat, allowing you to take full control and run the type of auction that works best for your business.

Auction Simplified offers a range of different auction styles, making it convenient for any and all bidders to participate including:

  1. Online Only Auction
  2. Live Auction with Simulcast
  3. Traditional Live Auction


One of the biggest selling points of Auction Simplified that separates it from the competition is the ability to utilize high-definition live streaming. An online auction has the potential to capture the attention of more buyers, giving them a more traditional experience from the comfort of their laptops, computers, or phones.

“We are able to host every auction style,” Kevin said. “Our software is very mature and is constantly improving.”

Auction Simplified meets towers where they are in their business. At the end of the day, it’s your auction, you as the business owner get to decide how to run it, and we’ll assist any way we can.

Leave The Heavy Lifting To Your Auction Management Team


Here at TRAXERO, we make sure you have as much support as possible while running your auction events. You won’t be stuck trying to resolve an issue through a robot when you need a real person. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager and our support teams are here to help you when you need it most.

We also help towers maximize revenue through best practices in the following areas: 

  • Creating custom white-label landing pages for all towing locations to allow cross promotion of all auctions and promote your brand
  • Calling existing and net new buyers to increase demand for auction launch 
  • Sending e-blast and text messages to potential buyers to promote an upcoming auction
  • Assisting in connecting integration between our TMS and Auction Simplified to push all inventory details, where applicable
  • Building and approving forms required to deliver a vehicle to the buyer
  • Conducting training to ensure all employees are comfortable with how to use the Auction Simplified software and inspect inventory to maximize profit
  • Measuring key performance related to vehicles listed, sold, conversion rates, registered bidders, buyers, and average sales price
  • Completing quarterly business reviews to summarize progress and make recommendations to improve auction performance for future events

How Merl’s Towing Service Scaled Their Auction Business


“On the auction side of things, some really, really large auctions come up where we’ve hit 100+ vehicles,” said Brian Young, Inventory and Dispatch Manager for Merl’s Towing Service.

“That’s something that just wasn’t doable before. It just would not have been possible. We’d have been out there for two days, it would’ve felt like doing the old pen and paper style.

“With Auction Simplified, we’re able to schedule things, we end up bringing lunch in for the bidders, and have a little bit of a break in between, and we’re able to actually handle that volume in one shot, and clear our lot out a lot quicker, and easier that way.

“With this software, and having the additional eyeballs, and additional bidders available to be online with us, combined with being able to do a more hosted situation inside our garage, we’re just streaming the auction to a big 70-inch TV right there.

“Myself and our auction clerk have both been like, ‘I don’t know why we ever did it for that long, standing out there, roasting, or getting soaked, or whatever it was.’ But it’s definitely been awesome for us.”