How We Support New Customers


Here at TRAXERO, we support new customers by making sure you never have to go it alone when it comes to learning about your new towing software. Our customer success team takes careful steps to educate, train, and guarantee you’re an expert at using your new tools before you even get back in the tow truck. 

We sat down with two members of our customer success team, Nicole Baucom, Director of Customer Success and Jonathan Roberts, Director of Customer Support, who walked us through what the onboarding process looks like and how it has made all the difference for our brand new customers.

TRAXERO: What is our onboarding process for digital dispatching, specifically for either Dispatch Anywhere or TOPS?

Jonathan Roberts:

First, we always make sure we understand the company’s business objectives – where they are coming from, what their operation looks like, etc. This way, we have as much information as possible to really tailor and personalize the experience and make them feel like they’re not having to repeat themselves. We do that by having a live conversation with a Customer Success Manager (CSM) and the salesperson who sold it to them. We try to really be a united front with the customer. 

Then we do an onboarding call, which consists of a light interview with any information that we may not have gotten from sales, clarifying any details. And then we start some training. Basically we have broken it down into milestones, once we have determined if they reach a certain milestone, they’re X percent more likely to reach the next milestone.

Nicole Baucom:

Next we do the kickoff and prepare for setup. We always make sure we’re coming into the call knowing what we’re going to cover, knowing any questions they may have had before. We go over who TRAXERO is, what Dispatch Anywhere/TOPS is, who the CSM is, what we do for you, the timeline for training and implementation.

Then we explain the timeline and the cadence – how often you are going to hear from us and how long it will take you to become live with the system. We always try to make sure that this aligns with their needs and expectations. At that point, we can adapt as needed and schedule out all the trainings and setups.

Then we have a section on expectation management. We tell you what we expect of you, which entails:

  • Showing up to the training calls 
  • Sending information in a timely manner
  • Communicating feedback and business needs
  • Championing the product amongst your team


The next step is to go over a setup with you and we give you some homework along the way. For example, importing your accounts or bringing your pricing to the next call, completing your TowPay application, etc. And then, the next setup call may start with, “Have you done your homework? Do we have that information that we asked you to bring us?” This ensures we’re keeping that accountability in place.

So that’s really the onboarding process. It expands more than just training. It’s ensuring that proper usage of the tool is happening, making sure that users are becoming champions of the product.

Our mantra is Learn, Show, Grow. We want to learn something new about their business every time we talk to them; we want to be curious, be a part of their business, and act more like consultants. Our goal is to show them something they may not have ever seen before, whether that’s a feature or an aspect of a best practice that maybe we saw somebody else doing that we think could benefit them. We want to help their business grow and help them meet their objectives. 

TRAXERO: What is some of the best customer feedback you’ve ever received?

Jonathan Roberts:

In general, the more common theme is the fact that when they’re reaching out to us, they’re reaching somebody real on the other end. A lot of our customers have built really strong relationships with both our customer success teams and our customer support teams. And it shows. 

It’s not uncommon for our customers to build rapport with some of our internal folks and continue to build on that relationship. So that continues to build trust and showcase our commitment to seeing them prosper. We’re here for them and as long as we’re here for them, then we can continue to see them grow and thrive.

TRAXERO: What Does the TRAXERO Difference mean to you? What helps us stand out?

Nicole Baucom:

I think it is our personal touch. We have a lot of patience with our customers where we want to work with them. As I said before, it’s more of a consultancy relationship where we want to embed ourselves in their business, understand how they operate, and then help them use the tool to fit their business best. 

And I think it’s also the breadth of what we offer. We’re not just here for your dispatching needs, we’re here for your lien and mail operation, your impound operation. That goes with the consultancy saying, “Oh, I noticed you do this. You can house all of that just within TRAXERO and have one point of contact, have an ease of use, have everything integrated.” That’s what I see with that.

Jonathan Roberts:

Yeah, at the end of the day, it’s really just about treating our customers as a partner, not just as a subscription or just a customer. It’s very much a partnership where our success is determined by their success – their success with our products, our services, and as they continue to scale and their needs become more complex, we want to be there to help them navigate that environment. 

So throughout the entire customer journey from sales all the way into support, it’s all about just treating that relationship as a partnership, a true partnership between two people who are looking to see success on both ends.

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