4 Benefits For Towers Who Use Traxero’s Impound Auction Software

4 Benefits For Towers Who Use TRAXERO’s Auction Software

This Impound Auction Software blog is featured in Tow Professional Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 4, 2023


Are you a tower who’s in serious need of impound auction software? Unhappy with the prices you’re getting when selling cars? Spending too much time trying to organize auctions and not finding enough bidders?


With Auction Simplified by TRAXERO, we help towers increase profits and save time with our easy-to-use auction software. From inspection to checkout, our impound auction software makes running an auction easier than ever. Towers can now keep accurate records and their inventory will get in front of as many buyers as possible.


TRAXERO’s goal is to empower towers to run the type of auction that works best for their business. Here are the four ways our impound auction software can benefit your towing company.

End-To-End Auction Software Integration


Auction Simplified is the towing industry’s very first integrated auction solution that fully connects with TRAXERO’s Towing Management Software (TMS). This makes running an auction easier than ever to organize and to keep accurate records.


Auction Simplified saves time and reduces errors from having to manually double enter data between systems. Instead, you can benefit by integrating to your existing TRAXERO TMS, leading to increased productivity and smoother operations.  


Dispatch Anywhere, TOPS, Omadi, Tracker, or InTow customers can use Auction Simplified. They will have more robust reporting, better visibility into their inventory, and save time when reconciling transactions. If you’re currently not a TMS customer today, you can still run auctions. However, to take the most advantage of our software, a TRAXERO TMS to auction integration is the way to go.


TRAXERO’s fully integrated auction solution also has selling and buying features that make it easier to inspect and sell salvage and wholesale inventory. Statistically, towers who run their own private auctions consistently earn higher profit per car.


“At Auction Simplified, we think junk is another word for cash. There are so many entrepreneurs out there maximizing small, niche markets. Our product gives them the starting point for selling cars they’ve taken in and stored in lots,” said Kevin Leigh, Managing Director at TRAXERO. “A well-run auction is as green as it gets because you’re taking something that would have been destroyed and instead recycling it back into the world.”

Enhanced Auction Management


Conducting impound auctions can be a complex and time-consuming task for towing companies. However, with Auction Simplified, this process becomes streamlined and efficient. Our auction software allows towing companies to create and manage auction listings online, including detailed vehicle descriptions, images, and custom auction terms. 

Managing auctions online enables easy bidding, secure online payments, and real-time tracking of auction activities. This automation not only reduces the administrative burden but also attracts a larger pool of potential buyers. This increases the chances of higher bids and maximizes revenue for the towing company.

Auction Simplified allows towers to run their auctions how they want and it supports any type of auction. Our software includes online-only, live with simulcast, and traditional live auctions. With the mobile app, you can scan the VIN, add equipment, take photos, post videos, and build a condition report all in less than 5 minutes per car. This makes it easy to sync your vehicle inventory and post directly to auction. 

What separates Auction Simplified from the competition is the ability to utilize simulcast feed with audio. An online auction has the potential to capture the attention of more buyers, giving them a more traditional experience from the comfort of their laptops, computers, or phones.

“We are able to host every auction style,” Kevin said. “Our software is very mature and is constantly improving.”

Auction Simplified meets towers where they are in their business. At the end of the day, it’s your auction. You as the business owner get to decide how to run it, and we’ll assist any way we can.

Improved Customer Engagement


TRAXERO’s impound auction software offers features that enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. One example is by providing a towing auction website that’s branded to your business so bidders will recognize it. This enhances loyalty and trust. We also provide a transparent inspection process to improve buyer confidence and reduce loading times.

And by offering online access to auction listings, this allows potential buyers to view and bid on vehicles conveniently. Additionally, our auction software can send automated notifications to interested buyers regarding upcoming auctions and specific vehicle listings. 

This proactive communication improves customer engagement, expands the reach of auctions, and increases the likelihood of higher bids. And, with online payment capabilities, buyers can easily complete transactions, further enhancing their experience.

“Twenty-five percent of our business comes from auctions,” said Steven Weil Jr. of Weil Wrecker Service in Birmingham, Alabama. “Since [winning a police contract with the City of Birmingham], we run at least two auctions a month, averaging 150 vehicles per. I don’t see how we could ever go back to a world without Auction Simplified.”

More Organized Financial Management And Reporting


Auction Simplified integrates with TRAXERO’s other TMS tools, offering comprehensive reporting capabilities, valuable insights into auction performance, revenue trends, and other key metrics. 

Our integrated accounting and inventory management system helps drive administrative efficiencies. This data allows towers to make more informed decisions about their business. They can identify areas for improvement and optimize their operations to maximize profitability.

“We teach you how to operate an auction business within your towing business, so there’s more profit coming in,” said Kevin. “The great thing about our integrations is that if you’re using our TMS to help you tow a car, and you want to put it into an auction, you simply press a button. It’s that easy.”

Let Our Auction Software Help Grow Your Business

Auction Simplified has revolutionized the way towing companies manage impounded vehicles and conduct auctions. If the auction and impound market is the next step you want to pursue in your towing business, let TRAXERO’s auction software help you streamline your processes and make money faster. 

Our Account Manager and Buyer Development teams will help simplify the auction process and promote your inventory to more buyers.

For more information about how TRAXERO’s auction solutions can help you clear your lots, visit traxero.com/contact. Or you can call 1-800-428-4715 to talk to one of our representatives.