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Towpedia: TRAXERO’S Guide To Towing FAQs And Terminology

Take a quick glimpse into our Towpedia, TRAXERO’s guide to towing FAQs and terminology.

As software begins to find a larger role in day-to-day operations, it’s natural to have some questions about efficiency and the confusing terminology that goes along with it. In this blog, Shelli Hawkins, Director of Market Engagement, spoke about the state of the industry.

TRAXERO’s Guide To Towing In 2023


An FAQ we’re seeing more of at TRAXERO these days is all about what to be on the lookout for in the new year. So, where does the towing world currently stand?

“Winter is the season where towers make hay while the sun shines. Snow is often called ‘Pennies From Heaven,’” she said. “Right now, towers are hunkered down making as much money as they can because with motoring traffic increasing, there are more instances of wrecks and breakdowns where towing assistance is needed. During the holidays or when there is any type of incremental weather, business can spike.”

Just in the past few months, we’ve seen major flooding in California, an arctic blast that affected most of the country, and plenty of snow in the Mountain West. As the temperatures drop, battery life may decline in electric vehicles, tire pressure tends to drop, and slippery roads from rain or deep freezes can cause more drivers to lose control of their vehicles. Braving the elements is an often underappreciated part of being a tow truck operator, as the topic of better scene safety has never been more important.

“Towers want to be safe. It is at the top of everybody’s mind in the industry today. Cindy Iodice and Flagman Safety are doing an amazing job to spread awareness,” Shelli said. “Haas Alert is another company to keep an eye on. We’re seeing big growth in safety-minded brands in the towing industry.”

Another big talking point as we continue in the new year is the role of technology in the towing industry. While pen and paper are still common, more and more towers are turning to TRAXERO’s software solutions.

“We’re seeing this each day. Towers want to embrace digital innovation for the efficiencies that it brings to the table,” Shelli said.

So, before we break down some of the new software and products we’ve seen hit the market, let’s cover a few of the key terms you need to know.

Key Terms You Should Know


For those looking to get into the towing industry, here are some terms you’ll see all over.

TMS: Towing Management Software

TMS is a software platform that exists to help your business run more efficiently. Examples include Dispatch Anywhere and TOPS, which are perfect for towers looking to simplify their operations.

PPI: Private Property Impound and Abandoned Car Towing

A PPI business handles impound services and may also focus efforts on abandoned vehicles. Think illegally parked cars. Moreover, business owners and municipalities need towing companies to help them remove cars that are taking up parking spaces. Omadi, now part of the TRAXERO family, is perfect for towers that are focused on the PPI industry.

NMVTIS: National Motor Vehicle Title Information System

The NMVTIS gives title agencies the ability to instantly verify paper title information with the official electronic version from the state. Further, this is very important for towers, especially if a car is stolen.

GVW/GVWR: Gross Vehicle Weight/Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

A vehicle’s GVWR is crucial to know at all times. When towing, if you go over a GVW of 26,000 pounds, you will need to have a CDL to operate the vehicle and complete the job legally. Subsequently, anything under 26,000 does not require a CDL.

CDL: Commercial Driver’s License

This one is pretty self-explanatory. This is a special license that most towers need to operate heavy-duty vehicles like wreckers.

PTO: Power Take Off

PTO refers to the power take off unit equipped on many tow trucks. This device allows towers to convert engine power to hydraulic power to operate certain parts like the flatbed.

LCG: Low Center of Gravity

This refers to a type of flatbed carrier series that is specific to Miller Industries.

PD: Police Department

NYPD, APD, SFPD … Towers work with police departments and highway patrols, like CHP, to fulfill contracts that could include anything from impound services to recovery operations.

[STATE] HP: Highway Patrol

Ditto to police departments.

DOT: Department of Transportation

The DOT is the country’s governing body that oversees anything transportation related.

VIN: Vehicle Identification Number

A car’s VIN is important for towers because it verifies the car’s true identity and history.

OTR: Over the Road

While this term may be more common for commercial truck drivers, it can also apply to towers. Thus, OTR refers to trucking jobs that cover long distances. In the towing world, this may be hauling a car across state lines.

TRO: Towing Revenue Optimization

TRO is a mindset shift that helps towers see a complete overview of every part of their business to ensure a more streamlined and lucrative operation.



To help us get a better picture of what people are asking, Brittany Jones, Account Executive, gave a few insights into the towing software FAQs we receive at TRAXERO.

“We get a lot of questions about what differentiates us from the competition,” she said. “We get questions about payment processing options as well.”

What Makes TRAXERO Better?

To answer this common towing software FAQ, TRAXERO provides extensive support and customer service. We go the extra mile to make sure our customers enjoy an experience that is not stressful.

How Reliable Are TRAXERO Products?

By uniting a family of industry-leading software solutions, TRAXERO gives towers an efficient and reliable way to simplify their day-to-day operations.

Can I Customize My Software Solution?

Yes. You can contact us for a free consultation with our team of software experts. We’re here to help you find the best solution for your unique business needs.

What Payment Options Does TRAXERO Offer?

TowPay is the first payment platform that is specifically designed for the towing industry. Learn more by visiting the homepage.

What is Profitability?

Although this TRAXERO FAQ is not specific to software, it is still one of the most important to answer for towers. First, towers must understand the costs that are required to run a successful operation. Once you’ve calculated how much you will be spending both upfront and per year, you can determine the profits needed to generate consistent revenue. Simply put, being profitable means you finish in the green.

If you want to keep up with more TRAXERO FAQs and topics, make sure to check out our blog to read more about the stories towers are talking about.