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Designed for sophisticated towing and impound management companies, TOPS by TRAXERO is a robust towing management solution that is configurable to meet the unique, complex needs of your business and your clients.

Dispatch screen in TOPS by TRAXERO

Built To Be Configurable

TOPS towing management software was developed to be versatile to match your unique business and client needs.


Streamline your work with robust capabilities across dispatch, impound lot, accounting, and more, while also unlocking detailed business performance with a customizable reporting module.

TOPS Driver App by TRAXERO showing a job receipt screen

In Your Operators’ Pockets

With the TOPS Driver mobile application, your operators have all the details needed to complete the job assigned, create new calls on-the-fly, and even take payment in the field.


Minimize time wasted out on the road and see how it improves your customers’ experience.

TOPS Billing screen on a desktop monitor

Customizable Invoicing

Taking on more sophisticated work may require you to modify invoices to satisfy municipal requirements or corporate accounts.


TOPS’ customizable invoicing allows you to tailor your billing for each account and meet the needs of more complex and lucrative work as your business grows.

TOPS by TRAXERO Users Include

With TOPS You Can…

Configure Your Reporting

More complex jobs may require more complex reporting. Keep your business metrics in line through configurable reports to meet your sophisticated needs.

Track Daily Business Metrics

The TOPS Business Analyzer provides you a daily snapshot of your calls taken by status, type, and user plus summaries of your financials and vehicle inventory.

Support Multiple Locations

Whether you already have multiple locations or are about to scale your business to new heights, TOPS is there to support your growth goals.

Calculate Driver Commissions

Easily calculate your drivers' commissions based on their completed jobs and generate individual driver reports.

Batch Your Lien Processing

Integrate your TOPS with TowLien by TRAXERO to simplify your interested party search and notification process. Reduce errors, eliminate duplicates, and clear your inventory faster than ever.

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Your Specialized Solution For Specialized Work

Tackling larger jobs requires more robust capabilities, and that’s what TOPS was built for. With enhanced features across dispatch, accounting and billing, and more, TOPS can be configured to meet your complex requirements as you take on heavy-duty, municipal, and account-based work.


Streamline your workflow with TOPS and accelerate your business growth.

TOPS by TRAXERO views on a desktop and Apple iPhone
TRAXERO's Towing Management Software is part of the industry's only comprehensive suite of towing software solutions

Harness The Power of TRAXERO.

As part of the TRAXERO towing software family, TOPS is the foundation of your comprehensive business tools suite.


Track your fleet with BudgetGPS, seamlessly integrate TowLien to mail notices to interested parties in just a few clicks, connect to Auction Simplified to clear vehicles from your lot, and take payments from the road with TowPay.


That’s the TRAXERO difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my team learn to use TOPS?

As a TRAXERO customer, you’ll never be left behind. Our customer success and support teams remain the industry’s best, and they’re here to help you onboard your new business tools and ensure you’re making the most of your software.


From day 1, you’ll have one-on-one training for you and your team to learn the ins-and-outs of TOPS.


You’re not left to the mercy of automated support or bots when you need help. We have real humans who are product experts on standby at all times.

What integrations are available for TOPS?

TOPS can integrate with Intuit Quickbooks and a range of GPS and fleet tracking providers, including TRAXERO’s BudgetGPS.


When it comes to motor clubs, you can receive your digital dispatches from Allstate, FleetNet, GEICO, Tesla, Agero, and more.


Most importantly, TOPS seamlessly integrates with TRAXERO’s other towing solutions — BudgetGPS, TowLien, Auction Simplified, and TowPay — providing you a full suite of business tools from a single provider. Now that’s efficiency.

What is the pricing for TOPS?

TOPS by TRAXERO pricing varies based on the number of users and other add ons.


Request your custom pricing today to speak with a Product Specialist who will help outline the solutions that work best for your business now and in the future.

Does access to the mobile apps cost more?

No! Once you become a TOPS by TRAXERO customer, you’re able to make full use of the TOPS Driver and TOPS Inventory mobile apps for iOS or Android.

General & Towing

How can I use TOPS to take the load off my call/dispatch desk?

TOPS Public Search allows the general public to locate their vehicle on the City’s website or a vanity site created specifically for the auto pound, provides a map and directions to that pound as well as any other information the City would like to pass on, including the current accrued charges, if desired.

How can images help my impound lot operation?

TOPS Images assigns pictures or scans of documents to a call record, easily accessible to the user, to provide everything from proof of damages, easy access to police impound data, and a possible near-paperless solution. Most new cameras have time and location stamps so TOPS can pinpoint both the time and location the picture was taken. This helps with fraudulent claims further proving that damage was caused while in the auto pound.

How can I ensure the correct vehicle is impounded and released?

TOPS has a built-in VIN decoder, which verifies the VIN is correct as well as making sure the subsequent DMV information is accurate so notifications can be sent appropriately. Late model VINS can be barcode scanned into the system. By giving an attendant a copy of the release report, verification of the vehicle can be done prior to the vehicle leaving the pound.

How do I manage multiple holds put on vehicles in the pound?

TOPS keeps track of multiple holds and time stamps releases. It also knows whether storage can accrue during holds or not, keeps track of reasons as well as contact information for hold release info.

It does not allow vehicles to be released that are on hold and provides comprehensive reports on vehicles on hold. TOPS Images can store the release in the call record for added accountability.

What kind of information can I get from TOPS to help me run the impound lot more efficiently?

TOPS comes with multiple standard reports. The “dashboard” helps managers know what is going on at any given time of the day. Reports can be created for every data point and any report can be exported to Excel and modified from there.

Municipal & Law Enforcement

We are thinking about outsourcing our towing management — can TOPS help?

TOPS products are used by the largest towing management company in the world, as well as collectives of local towing companies and municipalities, to assist them in helping cities outsource their towing dispatch/management.

Our applications provide real-time accountability and transparency so the City has complete oversight and insight without having to manage the managers.

How do I control multiple auto pounds?

TOPS municipal gives access to call status, inventory, and call details to authorized personnel. This allows a comprehensive search function, the ability to manage investigative holds put on vehicles as well as possible remote access to images and details of people who have visited the vehicle, for example.

How does the citizen know where to go if we have multiple pounds?

TOPS public search is the perfect tool for directing citizens to their vehicle. It can inform them of any investigative holds and what charges to expect as well as permissible payment methods. This helps mitigate surprises at the impound lot and the possible need to make multiple trips.

Is there a source for best-practices with regards to auto pound management?

TRAXERO has been the premier provider of automated towing dispatch/operations and auto pound management solutions for many years. Its staff and executive team collectively have hundreds of years experience in auto pound management, municipal contracts, and have seen just about every scenario possible.

What is wrong with using the dispatch tool provided by our CAD provider?

TOPS CMA, whether integrated into the City’s CAD system or not, starts with the officer’s request for a tow. All aspects of dispatch from there are automated – the communication, acceptance, call status, and completion, whether taken to the auto pound or not, are time stamped and user stamped.

How do I keep track of tows that do not go to the city auto pound?

TOPS CMA not only gives access to tows taken to the pound, but also those taken “private.” A constant frustration to the general public because of over-charging, all call details are accessible for any police-directed tow even after the tower changes the customer to a body shop, for example.

This transparency stops complaints to the City immediately. Also, all towing requests are accounted for to prevent Internal Audits from claiming vehicles that might have been impounded and released without being accounted for.

How do I reduce phone or face time to create efficiencies at the window?

TOPS provides the ability to search every data point of the call record. Locating the vehicle for the citizen is quick and simple.

How do I make sure all the funds received are deposited in the bank or sent to the City Treasurer?

TOPS was created to manage multiple auto pounds remotely. A very important part of that is to make sure money received makes it to the bank. Internal Auditors love the controls inside TOPS!

Is there a way to automate the notification of private property non-consent tows?

TOPS PPI enables authorized private towers to report towing of abandoned vehicles to the City electronically and gives the citizens the ability to locate their vehicle using TOPS Public Search and additional information necessary to release the vehicle. It is then possible for the City to use those notifications to automatically check citation and stolen-car databases prior to allowing the tower to release the vehicle.

Downloads for TOPS Users

Current TOPS by TRAXERO users can download and install the tools to get started. An active TRAXERO customer account is required to login once installed on any device.

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