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Simplify Your Towing Payments With TowPay – A TRAXERO Company

You always want to give your customer a seamless experience when they need roadside assistance. It’s vital to reduce the roadside time for the safety of your driver and customer. Calling dispatch to process a payment manually over the phone can take time away from your business. A unique way to do that is to simplify your towing payments with TowPay.

It’s very common in the towing industry to manually enter a credit card over the phone or in the field.

Seamless payments with TowPay, our fully integrated credit card processing solution, can help eliminate payment friction. It also decreases excessive credit card fees. Additionally, it streamlines your tasks by having one software for all of your payment processing needs.

A More Integrated Way To Collect Payments


TRAXERO’S suite of products designed for the towing industry helps businesses keep track of all their towing and recovery operations. It also provides a seamless customer experience.

TowPay is the first fully integrated payment processing solution for the towing and roadside assistance industry. It unlocks efficiency and provides a secure and reliable way to process your payments and get you paid faster.

With various dispatchers and drivers working simultaneously, it cannot be easy to reconcile all of your invoices with multiple softwares and a stack of papers at the end of the day.

With TowPay, you never have to question if you got paid for your service. Your software will let you know the transaction was approved and you can quickly move on to your next job.

  • Account reconciliation is a breeze, as the jobs are marked paid directly in your software
  • Your drivers can use TRAXERO’s mobile apps to capture payments in the field in seconds
  • No hidden fees or monthly contract — one transparent, flat fee for every transaction
Simplify Your Towing Payments With TowPay

TowPay Simplifies Your Transaction


TowPay collects the credit card payment, deducts the processing fees, and deposits your payout in the bank account of your choice. This all occurs from your TRAXERO software and mobile apps.

You still have the option to process credit cards over the phone by entering them manually. But, you can now key them into your towing software versus switching between multiple platforms and terminals to process a payment.

Also, you can streamline your operations, making it easier on your staff and customers. Having one system to do all the towing management for your business is a game changer. You won’t have to rely on another product to process payments.

Another upside? Meet customers where they are. Mobile wallets are increasing in popularity. With TowPay, they can tap their phones or credit cards quickly and securely and continue on their way after their tow.

  • Provide secure transactions for your customers
  • Reduce credit card fees, thanks to our transparent flat fee
  • Process payments with Apple Pay, mobile wallet, and other contactless means


TowPay seamlessly integrates with Dispatch Anywhere, Omadi, TraxeroGO, and TOPS. With TraxeroGO, you can instantly onboard to TowPay and start taking jobs and processing payments the same day.

Other payment processors will deliver complicated monthly statements or varied fees per transaction. TowPay’s transparent pricing eliminates confusion from the monthly reconciliation process. There are never any hidden fees or complicated calculations. You can choose how often you receive your payouts from a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence.

Grow Your Business With TowPay


Ready to simplify your towing payments with TowPay? Integrate directly with your towing management software, reduce errors, and streamline your towing business. Reach out to a TRAXERO solutions specialist today to learn more about TowPay. You can also learn about our suite of other products to help you improve your towing business.

Rely on the team you know and trust to help you with all of your business needs. No need to contact another provider for payment questions.

At TRAXERO, you can also learn more about your current payment costs and request a FREE Rate Analysis by a Payments Specialist.