New Towing Operators: Free Towing Software To Run Your Business

New Towing Operators: Free Towing Software To Run Your Business

At TRAXERO, we know the cost of operating your business is top-of-mind. It is also a major factor in considering what free towing software you can afford.

As a result, we were motivated to create and provide a lightweight tow management software. Built from the ground up, it meets the needs of the towing business operator in mind.

Within minutes, you’ll be up and running, receiving more calls, and securely taking payments—all in one app. Most importantly, this is FREE towing software and all of these features are included from the start. Read on to learn more.

What Is Free Towing Software?


Free towing software currently exists in a couple of different forms, each with its own set of benefits and features. Towing management software typically provides towers with access to receiving calls, digital dispatching, and billing/invoice management.

Generally, motor clubs, fleets, or auction companies offer these types of apps to roadside assistance providers. These companies have created apps to help their service providers receive and respond to roadside calls digitally.

While these apps can work well for each company, they do not work across company lines. If you take calls from multiple sources, you will need to download multiple apps to manage your business.

Therefore, free towing software is typically targeted at small owner-operator providers. They are generally operating between one and five trucks. Some are new to the business or manage a diversified business where towing comprises only a portion of their day. These apps enable smaller towers to accept digital calls and generate revenue sans added costs of expensive tow management software. The needs of this type of provider were exactly the ones we prioritized when we developed TraxeroGO.

What Is TraxeroGO?


TraxeroGO is the premier mobile app-based free towing software offering from TRAXERO. We built it from the ground up to address the needs of small owner-operators and to help them grow their businesses. It is the only app on the market with no monthly fees. It’s a super affordable and valuable tool for roadside assistance providers.

Why Should I Use TraxeroGO?


TraxeroGO offers fast and easy-to-use solutions for the towing operator on the go. Best of all—it’s free. You’ll have full access to all the features right from the moment you download and sign up.

Receive Motor Club Jobs All In One Place

With the TraxeroGO app, you can connect to all the motor clubs you work with. Subsequently, you can receive, accept, and manage motor club jobs directly in the app. TraxeroGo is compatible with most major motor clubs. Now you no longer have to switch back and forth between apps to track and receive calls. TraxeroGO brings all your motor club accounts together for simpler, more streamlined job management.

Manage Your Cash Calls

This easy-to-use mobile app will make taking cash calls more simple. You can manage these types of calls from within TraxeroGO. This will help keep track of them and be ready to respond as they come in.

Securely Process Payments

Complete cash call jobs and collect payment on the spot. TraxeroGO supports fully integrated payment processing through TowPay, TRAXERO’S powerful payments platform tailor-made for the towing industry. Towers can now run credit cards through a card reader or enter the information manually to accept payments.

Also, never miss out on payment for a job with TraxeroGO. When you sign up, you’ll be invited to TowPay, which enables you to securely accept more forms of digital payment with only a small flat rate “pay as you go” fee to process.

When Is It Available?

Great news! TraxeroGO is already available in the app store on your mobile device and you can learn more about getting started here. Download this free towing software and sign up today to start receiving jobs and collecting payments.



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