How Towers Can Simplify The Auction Process With TRAXERO’s Impound Auction Software

How Towers Can Simplify The Auction Process With TRAXERO’s Impound Auction Software

Does your towing business use impound auction software? Do you have an impound lot? Are you settling for scrapping vehicles? Or maybe you are running in-person auctions only. Either way, both are time-consuming, and likely you are leaving money on the table. Did you know there is a better way to streamline your process while making more money? The time for towers to switch to online auction software is now. As the industry continues to evolve alongside the digital world, towers face many new challenges, including more traffic on the roads and higher volumes of auctionable vehicles that reach their lots.

What Is Impound Auction Software?

Plus, if you are using one of TRAXERO’s Industry Leading Towing Management Solutions, getting started is even easier, as it is already integrated with
Auction Simplified. Thanks to its easy-to-use features buying and selling become so efficient that all towers should look into it for themselves.

“What we are doing at TRAXERO is helping towers grow their business and be as profitable as possible. Whether you have one truck or 100, we have a solution for you,” Will Farmer, TRAXERO’s VP of Impound Revenue Operations said. “For us, the auction mindset is the same as well. We’re able to cater to any style of auction that you want to run, whether it be online only, live, or live with a simulcast.” 

Will has spent more than 20 years in the auction industry and brings a passion for transforming businesses with technology to save time and increase profit. As a customer-obsessed member of the TRAXERO family, it’s his job to connect towers with solutions that can make their lives easier and increase revenue in their business.

“As a second-generation auctioneer and working alongside my Dad in our family auction business, I experienced the challenges of adopting new technology while trying to keep the business running,” Will said. “I think that there’s a misconception that family-run businesses aren’t tech savvy. At TRAXERO, we believe that companies can leverage technologies and still be true to their business legacy.”

In this blog, we’ll talk about towing impound software, specifically online auction software and how it is helping towers across the country clear their lots faster while making more money and simplifying their day-to-day operations.

Auction Simplified: Advanced Online Impound Auction Software

So, what is impound auction software? How does it help? With
Auction Simplified from TRAXERO, towers enjoy a wide range of benefits—from its easy-to-use, feature-packed platform to effortless integrations with other TRAXERO products. For Will, TRAXERO’s impound auction software presents towers with a unique opportunity to change the game.

The Versatility of Auction Simplified

TRAXERO’s job is to ensure that towers’ inventory gets in front of as many buyers as possible. With the advanced capabilities of Auction Simplified, you’ll be able to take control and run the type of auction that works best for your business.

The three main types of events include:

  1. Online Only Auction
  2. Live Auction with Simulcast
  3. Traditional Live Auction

You will also be able to choose how the fees are set up, not to mention you will never pay for a car that does not sell.

So, how does this all look in practice? To find out more, we spoke to Steven Weil, Jr. of Weil Wrecker Service to get a better perspective of how Auction Simplified is performing in the real world.

How Weil Wrecker Service Utilizes Auction Simplified

Founded in 1977,
Weil Wrecker Service provides the Birmingham, Alabama area with top-rated services, ranging from towing to impounding and auctioning. For Steven, the complexities of the industry continue to excite him.

“No two days are the same,” he said. “Whether doing recoveries or running auctions, I enjoy making things better for people.”

Weil Wrecker Service has been running auctions since the mid-1980s. It’s an integral part of the company’s fabric. Ten years ago, the company landed a contract with the city of Birmingham to do impounding. This meant that their lot began to fill up with vehicles, many of which would become their property once titles were transferred.

“Before our contract with Birmingham, we would run one auction a month,” Steven said. “Since the contract, we now run at least two auctions a month, averaging 150 vehicles per auction.”

For Steven, the power of TRAXERO’s online impound auction software helped him eliminate the chaos of spreadsheets and paper records. To say it’s been a game-changer would be an understatement.

“With Auction Simplified, we’re now live and online. We’d been wanting to shift to software for a while, but were unable to find a platform before TRAXERO that could handle our volume,” he said. “Twenty-five percent of our business now comes from auctions. We’ve streamlined our process and tied everything into the software. I don’t see how we could ever go back to a world without it.”

Steven says his company’s profit margins have increased since integrating with Auction Simplified. Vehicle values have continued to increase with new bidders driven from the Auction Simplified buyer development team and increased visibility with inventory available from preview prior to auction day.

Why is it Important for Towers to Leverage Online Impound Auction Software?

We’ve mentioned the opportunity for higher profits, but the versatility of TRAXERO’s solutions goes much further. From the impound and notification process to the final disposition with the accounting and the buyers, you’ll save time throughout the entire integration. 

Additionally, the easy integration with other software platforms, including TowLien, which features 24/7 lien processing, national registration searching, and so much more, gives you the flexibility to customize and manage your auction software.  You will also receive detailed reporting to help you find new ways to innovate. When your auctions go live, you’ll have the confidence that TRAXERO’s impound auction software has your back.

“Towers are looking for software to help them manage their impound yards. There’s so much that goes into running a successful operation and I think our solution is the right fit,” Will said. “Our goal is to show you the value of what we bring to the table at TRAXERO. From auction management to increased reach for your salvage vehicles, Auction Simplified has it all.” 

To get started or request a free trial of Auction Simplified and our family of software solutions, contact us to get in touch with our team of experts. We’ll help you build the right package at an affordable price that works for you.

If you want to learn more about the towing industry, make sure to check out our blog for all the latest trends and news in the towing world.