How The Right Software Can Help You Make Money In The Towing Business

How The Right Software Can Help You Make Money In The Towing Business

If you run a towing company, you understand how hard it is to make money in the towing business. It’s not easy. Managing customers, driver dispatches, invoices, and all other operational functions is a hassle.

So, how can towers make more money in the towing business?

The answer is the right software. Tow truck software is redefining the industry landscape, helping towers become more data-driven than ever before. The right software not only tracks your fleet, but provides valuable insights into your overall performance on the roads.

In this informational guide, we’ll discuss TRAXERO’S’s solutions and the benefits they’re providing to towers across the country.

Towing Software: Why Is It Important?


Simply put, your towing management systemor, TMS — makes your towing business more efficient. This is a challenge in an industry that is becoming all the more competitive. TMS software helps you manage all aspects of your towing operations, from dispatching and scheduling to tracking and invoicing. On top of this, tow truck software can optimize your performance, allowing you to provide a better experience for your customers.

Types Of Software

There are so many options available to towers these days. From dispatching to fleet tracking, let’s break down each of TRAXERO’S solutions. They can help you make more money and drive efficiency in the towing business.

Better Dispatching

At TRAXERO, we understand that no two towing companies are alike. So when it comes to accuracy and speed, our dispatching software gives towers a versatile, customizable solution. It is one of the best apps for tow truck operators on the market. It allows them to seamlessly update dispatch and job progress on the go. They can also message dispatchers in real time, and capture the existing condition of customers’ vehicles upon arrival.

Our dispatching solution eliminates printed tickets and invoices with an easy-to-use automated billing system. Through record keeping and reporting, you can access customer information, sales reports, driver data, and so much more.

You can even track driver performance over time to calculate commissions and measure the activity of your company. “How can I make money in the towing business?” TRAXERO’s valuable dispatching solution helps you provide exceptional customer service and can scale as your company grows.

Private Property Impound

Do you run an impounding service? No longer will you need to struggle with the pen and paper model to keep track of your sales. TRAXERO’s private property impound (PPI) solution will help you achieve heightened control over your business.

TRAXERO’s PPI software is packed with features to eliminate headaches. From digitizing paper tickets to processing payment in-app to decoding plate and VIN numbers. This TMS will streamline all your impound yard tasks. For an added bonus, you can even track your fleet as drivers respond to jobs and leverage reports to maximize your efficiency.


Receive motor club jobs, manage cash calls, and process payments with TraxeroGO. This mobile platform is a true all-in-one solution for towers looking to grow their business. The software allows you to connect your towing accounts to receive, accept, and manage jobs throughout your network.

Customer payments are a breeze, too. TowPay offers optional payment processing, helping drivers run payments on-site through a card reader or manual entry. This can save your business time and give you the power to provide customers with a stress-free experience. And did we forget to mention that TraxeroGO is the only towing software with no monthly fees?

Credit Card Processing

TRAXERO’s credit card processing services are tailored to meet the exact payment needs of the towing industry. Mobile, virtual, and in-office options give customers access to a range of payment terminals that reduce errors and chargebacks altogether.

The credit card tool effortlessly integrates with other TMS software you use for towing jobs. Additionally, your drivers can use TRAXERO mobile apps to get paid in seconds.

You can set up our credit card processing services the day of, giving you immediate access to the platform without the need for waiting. Ready to get started?

Lien And Mail

Are you sick of storing abandoned vehicles on your lot? Looking for a way to access 24/7 lien processing? Our hassle-free automatic vehicle owner lienholder search and notification system enables towers to automatically submit lien processing from impounded vehicles without the need for manual entry. If or when vehicles are released from a tower’s impound lot, our software cancels the request.

The easy-to-use web interface gives towers the ability to search DMV databases for owner, lienholder, and insurance information. You also send the required notifications to affected parties and collect the revenue made from resale and salvage deals.

Impound Auction Software

It’s one thing to make money in the towing business from lien processing, but how is it actually done? TRAXERO’s auction software gives towers a powerful platform to streamline their impound and auction services.

“[Our auction software helps towers] think junk is another word for cash. There are so many entrepreneurs out there maximizing small, niche markets. Our product gives them the starting point for selling cars they’ve taken in and stored in lots,” Kevin Leigh, Managing Director at TRAXERO said in a recent blog post. “A well-run auction is as green as it gets because you’re taking something that would have been destroyed and instead recycling it back into the world.”

TRAXERO’s auction software supports a wide range of auction types from online open bidding to high-definition simulcasts where people can submit bids from anywhere in the world. This makes towers’ jobs easier and helps them get top dollar. Steven Weil Jr. of Weil Wrecker Service in Birmingham, Alabama, turned to the software to eliminate the chaos of paperwork.

“Twenty-five percent of our business comes from auctions. Since [winning a police contract with the City of Birmingham], we run at least two auctions a month, averaging 150 vehicles per. I don’t see how we could ever go back to a world without [this auction software],” he said.

Fleet Tracking

Another way to make more money in the towing business is to reduce the cost of your fleet tracking. TRAXERO’s GPS software gives towers the means to gain insights into their drivers when they’re on the road. Features like idle and stop reports provide when and where drivers are not actively working. Units generate updates every 20 seconds to give you the complete picture.

While working, drivers can use real-time traffic reports to avoid congestion and operate as efficiently as possible. For added security and protection, our fleet tracking also offers the first 360-degree camera. It can see everything in and around your vehicle when driving or parked. For towers looking to make money in the business, this fleet tracking software is what you’ve been waiting for.

The Major Benefits Of Tow Truck Software


Now that we’ve discussed the types of software and what they bring to the table, let’s focus a bit on how they benefit your towing business.

Increased Efficiency

Efficiency is one of the most important words to consider in this industry. Running a tow truck business tends to be a demanding job, requiring operators to juggle multiple tasks and manage a constantly changing schedule. The right towing software can streamline your workflows and automate tasks to save time and reduce errors.

In addition to saving time and reducing errors, towing software can also help you understand which jobs are the most profitable and how to maximize the value of those jobs. Real-time data and GPS tracking help you dispatch the right trucks to the right jobs, optimizing your routes for faster response times. Accurate and transparent pricing build customer trust and loyalty, which is something that any tower should be focused on.

Better Communication

Built-in features such as real-time tracking, messaging, driver status updates, and more, help towers keep in touch with employees no matter where they’re working from. Keeping a consistent line of communication with your tow truck operators is a big key to success. Through streamlined communication channels, you can make sure your company provides the best customer service possible.

Enhanced Safety

It has never been more important to practice safety measures while on the road or loading your tow trucks. Our towing management software helps towers plan their routes better, avoiding traffic and hazards along the roadways. The right TMS can go a long way in ensuring you and your employees make it back safely from every job. Although there are many groups, including Flagman Safety, making great strides to protect towers, it is crucial to consider where you can improve your safety precautions.

Increased Revenue

Leveraging towing management software is a great way to make more money in the towing business. Whether you’re just getting started in the towing industry or a veteran of the craft, software can play a major role in streamlining your operations to cut costs and complete more jobs on the road. Tow truck software can also help your company track your expenses, making it easier to identify potential areas for cost saving.

Improved Record-Keeping

We’ve mentioned that the right towing management software for your business can provide you with customized reporting and efficient records. Keeping track of job details, performance, customer information, payment information, and so much more gives you the power to identify areas where your company could improve.

If you want to learn more about TRAXERO’s suite of industry-leading software solutions, contact us to get in touch with our team of experts. We are simplifying the road ahead for towers and on a mission to redefine the way towing companies get things done.

You can also check out our blog to stay up to date on all the top trends from around the towing industry.

Towing Management Software FAQs


How do you build a successful towing business?

Building a successful towing business takes time. Once you’ve purchased the best tow truck(s) and equipment for your company, make sure you focus on providing the best customer service. Once you’ve developed a trusted brand, it may be in your best interest to leverage software as well.

How do you make money in the towing business?

This can be answered in a number of different ways. The most important thing, always, is to never cut corners and take pride in meeting the needs of your customers. Streamlining your day-to-day with robust software can also be a game changer.

What is the best towing software?

At TRAXERO, our towing management software helps towers and roadside assistance professionals be more streamlined so they can generate more revenue and bring more efficiency to their business.