Selling Wrecked And Abandoned Cars Is Easy With Auction Simplified From TRAXERO


If you’re a tower looking to get into the exciting world of selling abandoned cars, you should consider selling wrecked and abandoned cars with Auction Simplified. Apart from being easy to use and packed with great features, Auction Simplified provides a modern solution to the challenging job of selling wrecked or abandoned cars.

Kevin Leigh and Phil Gates founded the company eight years ago. Kevin went to his first auction show when he was 15 years old and never looked back. He’s been a part of the car and towing business ever since.

While Auction Simplified was initially geared toward helping car dealers, it inevitably entered the towing space through a recent partnership with TRAXERO.

“Over the past year, Auction Simplified has been a part of some really sophisticated integrations with TRAXERO’S products,” Kevin said. “We want the towers, salvage yards, and impound lots to be the stars of the show.”

So, what makes Auction Simplified the best choice for your business? How is it unique? And why should towers across the country be knowledgeable about selling impounded vehicles?

A Tower’s Guide To Selling Abandoned Cars

Think of running an auction or salvage service as a business within your towing business. The profit potential from the abandoned car market goes a lot further than many towers know.

“At Auction Simplified, we think that junk is another word for cash. In many cases, junk is someone else’s gold,” Kevin said. “There are a lot of entrepreneurs out there maximizing in small, niche markets. The key is to find enough types of buyers that would be willing to pay for your vehicles.”

Moreover, it’s common in the auction space for impound lots and towers to sell to only one buyer. Working with only one buyer while impounding cars can severely limit your gain. Kevin says an excellent example of working with the right buyers would be a pick and pull junk yard.

Pick and pull yards are savvy. They buy junk cars to first sell individual parts before also selling the body for scrap. Say, for example, a pick-and-pull yard buys a junk car for $1,000. There’s a chance that the same car may have upwards of $2,000 worth of parts to sell before letting the body go for an additional sale.

“Other examples are used car parts resellers, salvage yards, and even exporters,” Kevin said. “There are companies out there that buy cars and ship them off to places like Saudi Arabia to be parted out or fixed up and resold.”

So, how can towers, police departments, and municipalities utilize the abandoned car market efficiently? You might have noticed that cars are not selling as easily today as they did for large parts of the past few years. As the used car market exploded during COVID-19, the effects filtered down to the auction and salvage worlds.

“For about 18 months, particularly up until this September, the market was ridiculous. I had never seen anything like it,” Kevin said. “Now, we’ve seen three straight months of downward trends in the value of cars and junk cars are suddenly not selling naturally like they were. That’s why it’s important to have the right software partner.”

How Auction Simplified Helps You Get Top Dollar

Towing auction and impound lot software revolutionized the way towers and other industry professionals could sell impounded cars. Auction Simplified gives users an all-in-one towing auction software platform. There are several formats including online only bidding, live auction with simulcast, and online silent bidding.

“The vision behind TRAXERO as a whole was to give towers access to innovative software that can simplify their operations. Auction Simplified completes that. Our product gives towers the starting point for cars they’ve taken in and stored in lots,” Kevin said. “A well-run auction is as green as it gets because you’re taking something that would have been destroyed and instead recycling it back into the world through used parts and cars.”

Evidently, impound lots could benefit from the power of towing auction software when selling their vehicles. Shelli Hawkins, Director of Market Engagement at TRAXERO, said the possibilities are endless for impound lots with Auction Simplified’s help.

“This varies by state, but by law, vehicles become the possession of impound lots after a certain amount of time. They can simply send it to crushers and make a blank amount of money. But they’d be leaving money on the table,” she said. “With Auction Simplified, the process can be tailored to your needs. If you want your auctions to be online-only or just available to wholesalers, that’s an option. If you want to do a live stream, that’s an exciting possibility.”

One of the biggest selling points of Auction Simplified’s impound lot software is its flexibility. The ability to utilize high-definition live streaming is something that separates it from the competition.

“We boast every auction style that exists in our capabilities,” Kevin said. “Our software is very mature. It’s constantly improving and about to be improved again through some new features.”

Grow Your Business With Auction Simplified

If the abandoned car market is in your business’ future, Auction Simplified can take your sales to the next level. Auction Simplified integrates with TRAXERO’S software suite, including TOPS, Dispatch Anywhere, TowPay, Omadi, and more.

“We teach you how to operate an auction business within your towing business so there’s more profit coming in,” said Kevin. “The great thing about our integrations is that if you’re using TOPS to help you tow a car and you want to put it into an auction, you simply press a button. It’s that easy.”

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How do I sell an abandoned car?

Firstly, to maximize your profits, make sure you have the right towing auction software. Auction Simplified gives you the power to truly customize your auction business.


How much is a crashed car worth?

The numbers can vary, but many towers don’t realize the profit potential crashed or totaled cars carry. Additionally, individual parts and the body can make you significantly more than simply selling the car to a crusher.


Is it worth fixing a wrecked car?

If you have the budget to afford renovations on wrecked cars, you can increase their value and make more money on each sale.