How TowLien by TRAXERO Works


Listen to our TowLien by TRAXERO Program Manager Jen Olinde explain how TowLien works and how it integrated with our Towing Management Software to help towers maximize efficiency and remain compliant.

“To a point that Rhonda had made, and to Shelli, how she mentioned she come from Tracker at one point, but Rhonda at Bear’s and Susan, they are able to utilize one of our other Towing Management Software products, Dispatch Anywhere. They get the best of both worlds for that integration piece that TowLien offers to multiple of our other family units under the umbrella of TRAXERO. They are with Dispatch Anywhere.

“So, they have that piece where they call their jobs that are dispatched into Dispatch Anywhere, can be imported automatically for them into TowLien, which eliminates multiple steps in itself and reduces that double entry of the vehicle, basic details, year, make, model, VIN that information, all their charges for their service charges, for their accounts that they tow for. All of that comes over and imports into TowLien so that then TowLien can pick up where that left off and perform the searches to obtain that owner lien information and then mail out their letters to the owner and lien holder information.

“That in essence is what TowLien does. It optimizes and streamlines the entire lien and/or title/permit to sell in the instance of Louisiana process for any of the stored repaired vehicles that may be abandoned at the facility that they need to gain title to. And it is specifically for the types of facilities that do have an impound yard, so that would not be for your repossession-only companies or your transport-only companies or roadside assistance-only companies. That would be for a towing/storage repair facility that impounds and stores vehicles at a yard that they then get abandoned with that they need to go through that process.

“Or if it’s not abandoned, certain states have requirements that they’re required to report their private property impounds within so many hours to their law enforcement. TowLien can assist with that.

“Then when there are vehicles that are stored, certain states have requirements that they must notify the appropriate state agencies to be able to legally charge storage beyond so many hours or so many days. TowLien helps to accommodate that, to maintain that all companies remain within the compliance guidelines within their state. It walks them through essentially the entire process from step A to Z, from when the vehicle is impounded all the way through when they need to apply for the title, and it provides all the necessary forms that may be required by their state. This also prevents waiting in lines at the post office as we all look so much forward to doing.”