TRAXERO’S Baltimore Tow Show Experience: Takeaways From 2022’s Incredible Exhibition


The 2022 Baltimore Tow Show Experience was a huge success. From November 17-19, our team had the chance to network with towers. We also listened to and learned from countless industry experts. TRAXERO also presented demos of our products and networked with many industry experts.

The memories and connections we made at the Baltimore Tow Show are pivotal to TRAXERO’s future and we are grateful to have been a part of this incredible event. Here are a few of our key takeaways from this year’s tow show in Baltimore.

Product Highlights

Innovation is always a huge part of any tow expo. There were many products that play a major role in making the roadways safer for towers around the world. From new roadside safety displays to winter gear, here are a few products that caught our attention at the Baltimore Tow Show Experience.

The B/A Products AirBar

The AirBar from B/A Products was one of the Baltimore Tow Show’s most eye-catching displays. Its purpose is to make drivers more aware of the importance of slowing down and moving over.

It is designed to be attached and deployed from the driver’s side, passenger side, or both on carriers and smaller wreckers. When activated, the inflatable AirBar quickly fills with air to uncoil and straighten out.

LED lights flash to warn drivers that they should move over and leave space for roadside responders on the scene. The AirBar can be manually controlled with the push of a button or connected to a truck’s PTO power source.

SafeAll Three-in-One Traffic Commander

The SafeAll Three-in-One Traffic Commander was another big hit during the Baltimore Tow Show. While this product is expensive, it can go a long way in keeping operators safer on the roads. This is especially true in cases where law enforcement is unable to provide traffic control.

This LED message board includes a tablet that emits a WiFi signal, which is programmed with a number of messages to display to drivers. The black background and bright amber block letters make messages legible from 1,000 feet and visible from up to 3,000 feet. Distracted driving is only getting worse. This product can help alert drivers when they approach roadside scenes.

Winter Work Wear

Winter jackets and gear were both, as always, popular items of choice for towers in attendance. It’s important to stay bundled up, especially for those in states where we’re already beginning to see winter weather move in.


Our Software Seminar

Discussions at the Baltimore Tow Show ranged from the rising cost of insurance to the best ways to navigate the complicated supply chain. There were seminars on growing your business online, maintaining aging equipment, and the hazards of electric vehicle recovery and storage.

Additionally, the conference offered hands-on training courses to current and prospective towers. These included advanced carrier and wrecker training from ERSCA.

Todd Althouse, our Executive VP of Strategic Technology, gave a presentation on how software is revolutionizing the towing industry. Did you know that pen and paper are still widespread in the towing world? We estimate that more than 50% of towers still do not incorporate software into their daily operations.

Some Of Our Favorite Tow Trucks On Display

The best part was getting a close look at so many beautiful tow trucks.